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Science education. Outstanding paper of the year award

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1984 in Science Education

JOURNAL ISSUE published October 1983 in Science Education

Voluntary activities in science during early adolescence

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1983 in Science Education

Authors: Herbert J. Walberg | Ernest T. Pascarella | Linda K. Junker | Geneva D. Haertel | F. David Boulanger

JOURNAL ISSUE published January 1985 in Science Education

What's in a Name? The Section for Culture and Comparative Studies (Guest Editorial)

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 1996 in Science Education

Authors: William W. Cobern

Portraits of productive schools: An international study of institutionalizing activity-based practices in elementary science

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2000 in Science Education

Authors: Steve Sizmur

What Counts as Quality in Qualitative Research? (Guest Editorial)

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 1996 in Science Education

Authors: Douglas A. Roberts

Risk, Thomas M. Principles and Practices of Teaching in Secondary Schools. New York: American Book Company, 1941. 728 p. $3.00

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1942 in Science Education

Symposium: Science Institution and America's Problems. Box 16, Austin, Texas: Department of Science Instruction of the N. FL A., 1940. 129 p. $0.50

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1942 in Science Education

Universalism, multiculturalism, and science education

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2001 in Science Education

Authors: Gurol Irzik

JOURNAL ISSUE published July 2010 in Science Education

JOURNAL ISSUE published November 2017 in Science Education

Asking scientists: A decade of questions analyzed by age, gender, and country

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2009 in Science Education

Authors: Ayelet Baram‐Tsabari | Ricky J. Sethi | Lynn Bry | Anat Yarden

JOURNAL ISSUE published September 2009 in Science Education

JOURNAL ISSUE published July 2013 in Science Education

The biotech century: Harnessing the gene and remaking the world; Frankenstein's footsteps: Science, genetics and popular culture

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2000 in Science Education

Authors: Patrick Colgan

Using time-series design in the assessment of teaching effectiveness

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 1999 in Science Education

Authors: Huann Shyang Lin | Frances Lawrenz

Representations of science content in a primary classroom: Combining long and short timescales for multimodal analysis

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2023 in Science Education

Authors: Kristina Danielsson | Fredrik Jeppsson | Ewa B. Nestlog | Kok‐Sing Tang

Scholarly Holds Lead Over Popular and Instructional: Text Type Influences Epistemological Reading Outcomes

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2014 in Science Education


JOURNAL ISSUE published January 2016 in Science Education