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What Kind of Boy Does Science? A Critical Perspective on the Science Trajectories of Four Scientifically Talented Boys

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2015 in Science Education

Research funded by National Science Foundation (REC#0546078)


Visiting Science Museums During Middle and High School: A Longitudinal Analysis of Student Performance in Science

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2014 in Science Education


Taking a closer look at science teaching orientations

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2011 in Science Education

Authors: Patrica Friedrichsen | Jan H. Van Driel | Sandra K. Abell

JOURNAL ISSUE published January 2016 in Science Education

Messages in a Bottles: Valuable Insights from and by Researchers

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2017 in Science Education


Engineering ethics: Balancing cost, schedule, and risk?lessons learned from the space shuttle

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2000 in Science Education

Authors: Dana L. Zeidler

Issue Information

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2021 in Science Education

JOURNAL ISSUE published March 2021 in Science Education

Intergroup dialogue: A justice‐centered pedagogy to address gender inequity in STEM

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2021 in Science Education

Authors: Brittany A. White | Joseph R. Miles | Keri A. Frantell

Family conversations about species change as support for children's developing understandings of evolution

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2023 in Science Education

Authors: Jill Hohenstein | Harriet R. Tenenbaum

Time for science education: How teaching the history and philosophy of pendulum motion can contribute to science literacy

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2002 in Science Education

Authors: Martin Monk

Multicultural science education: Perspectives, definitions, and research agenda

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 1993 in Science Education

Authors: Mary M. Atwater | Joseph P. Riley

Announcement from the publisher

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 1996 in Science Education

The forgiving air: Understanding environmental change

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2000 in Science Education

Authors: Pradeep M. Dass

Response to Rankin's comments

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 1997 in Science Education

Authors: Gaalen L. Erickson | Jazlin V. Ebenezer

JOURNAL ISSUE published September 2016 in Science Education

JOURNAL ISSUE published May 2005 in Science Education

Primary science: the challenge of the 1990s

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 1997 in Science Education

Authors: Doris Ash

Comment on “multiculturalism, universalism, and science education”

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 1995 in Science Education

Authors: Cathleen C. Loving

How social and emotional development add up: Getting results in math and science education

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2004 in Science Education

Authors: Helen Patrick