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What does three‐dimensional teaching and learning look like?: Examining the potential for crosscutting concepts to support the development of science knowledge

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2018 in Science Education

Authors: Sarah J. Fick

Using and developing measurement instruments in science education: A Rasch modeling approach

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2012 in Science Education

Authors: Michelle M. Lamar

Evidence for family engagement in scientific reasoning at interactive animal exhibits

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2012 in Science Education

Authors: James Kisiel | Shawn Rowe | Melanie Ani Vartabedian | Charles Kopczak

Science success for students with disabilities

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1998 in Science Education

Authors: Nancy L. Hutchinson

Noll, Victor H. (Coordinator for science tests); Anderson, Kenneth E. Anderson chemistry test; Dunning, Gordon M. Dunning physics test; Nelson, Clarence H. Nelson biology test; Read, John G. Read general science test. Yonkers, New York: World Book Company, 1951. $0.35 for specimen set

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1951 in Science Education

Powering up: Learning to teach well with technology

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2005 in Science Education

Authors: Scott McDonald

“Quite ironic that even I became a natural scientist”: Students' imagined identity trajectories in the Figured World of Higher Education Biology

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2021 in Science Education

Authors: Katerina P. Günter | Annica Gullberg | Ingrid Ahnesjö

Science education in an urban elementary school: Case studies of teacher beliefs and classroom practices

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2001 in Science Education

Authors: Ken King | Lee Shumow | Stephanie Lietz

Justice‐centered community–university partnering: Core tenets of partnering for justice epistemology

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2022 in Science Education

Authors: April Luehmann

Sink or float—what do the experts think?: The historical development of explanations for floatation

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 1991 in Science Education

Authors: Joseph Snir

Issue Information

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2018 in Science Education

JOURNAL ISSUE published September 2007 in Science Education

Scientific literacy: A systemic functional linguistics perspective

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2005 in Science Education

Authors: Zhihui Fang

Engineering for sustainable communities: Epistemic tools in support of equitable and consequential middle school engineering

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2019 in Science Education

Research funded by National Science Foundation (1502755)

Authors: Edna Tan | Angela Calabrese Barton | Aerin Benavides

Characterizing pedagogical decision points in sense‐making conversations motivated by scientific uncertainty

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2022 in Science Education

Authors: Jessica Watkins | Eve Manz

Justice‐centered science pedagogy: A catalyst for academic achievement and social transformation

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2017 in Science Education

Authors: Daniel Morales‐Doyle

Changes in the group cognitive structure of some chemical equilibrium concepts following a university course in general chemistry

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1985 in Science Education

Authors: Malka Gorodetsky | Ron Hoz

Epistemic levels in argument: An analysis of university oceanography students' use of evidence in writing

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2002 in Science Education

Authors: Gregory J. Kelly | Allison Takao

Shared scientific thinking in everyday parent‐child activity

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2001 in Science Education

Authors: Kevin Crowley | Maureen A. Callanan | Jennifer L. Jipson | Jodi Galco | Karen Topping | Jeff Shrager

Talk moves as pedagogical tools for eliciting and working with student ideas in an undergraduate general biology laboratory

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2023 in Science Education

Authors: Evan R. Barnes | Ron Gray | Anna S. Grinath