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JOURNAL ISSUE published January 1971 in Science Education

Mrs. Charles Edgar Montgomery

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1962 in Science Education

Authors: Clarence M. Pruitt

Brown, Marion and Harold Mckenna, Special Issue Editors, “Environmental Education,” The Journal of the World Education Fellowships Special U.S. Section Issue of The New Era, Jan.‐Feb., 1975 (75¢). Procure from Dr. Chandos Reid Rice, Corresponding Secretary, United States Section, World Education Fellowship, 2250 Dartmouth, Boulder, Colorado 80303

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1976 in Science Education

Authors: N. E. Bingham

Galdone, Paul. The hare and the tortoise. New York (330 West 42nd Street): Whittlesly house books for young people, McGraw‐Hill Book Company, 1962. Unpaged. $2.50

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 1966 in Science Education


JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 1932 in Science Education

New publications

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 1936 in Science Education

Cunningham, Virginia. One Hundred Animal Stories. Racine, Wisconsin: Whitman Publishing Company, 1947. 383 p. $0.59, with a minimum packaging of 6 copies

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1949 in Science Education

Carington, Whately. Thought Transference. New York: Creative Age Press, 1946. 287 p. $2.50.

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1946 in Science Education

Teaching nutrition: An educational opportunity and responsibility

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 1941 in Science Education

Authors: Joseph Hirsh

The interactions of society and science

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 1958 in Science Education

Authors: William B. Reiner

Watt, George W. and Hatch, Lewis F. The science of chemistry. New York: McGraw‐Hill Book Company, 1954. 546 P. $5.50

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1955 in Science Education

The ability to recognize and apply scientific principles in new situations: An experimental investigation in high school biology and chemistry

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1951 in Science Education

Authors: J. Harold Owens

Science and nature in the intermediate grades

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1934 in Science Education

Authors: Theodora Agather

Caldwell, J. B. Introducing alaska. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1947. 202 p. $3.75

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 1948 in Science Education

Validating science teaching competencies using the delphi method

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1977 in Science Education

Authors: Ronald D. Simpson | Dean R. Brown


JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 1934 in Science Education


JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1977 in Science Education

Guyer, Michael F. Animal Biology. New York: Harper and Brothers, 1948. 780 p. $4.50

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 1948 in Science Education

Mason, Gregory. South of Yesterday. New York: Henry Holt and Company, 1940. 401 p. $3.00

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 1941 in Science Education

Fasten, Nathan. Introduction to General Zoology. Boston: Ginn and Company, 1941. 742 p. $3.75

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1942 in Science Education