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A case study of a teacher's progress toward using a constructivist view of learning to inform teaching in elementary science

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1996 in Science Education

Authors: Ken Appleton | Hilary Asoko

Understanding a basic biological process: Expert and novice models of meiosis

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 1994 in Science Education

Authors: Ann C. H. Kindfield

Science, stories, and sense‐making: A comparison of qualitative data from a wetlands unit

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1994 in Science Education

Authors: Carol Hulland | Hugh Munby

Comparison of a randomized multiple choice format with a written one‐hour physics problem test

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1972 in Science Education

Authors: Douglas J. Harke | J. Dudley Herron | Ralph W. Lefler

Processes of scientific inquiry: A model for teaching and learning science

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1974 in Science Education

Authors: John T. Wilson

Actual versus implied physics students: How students from traditional physics classrooms related to an innovative approach to quantum physics

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2018 in Science Education

Authors: Maria Vetleseter Bøe | Ellen Karoline Henriksen | Carl Angell

Motivation for science learning as an antecedent of emotions and engagement in preservice elementary teachers

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2022 in Science Education

Authors: Pedro Membiela | Manuel Vidal | Sandra Fragueiro | María Lorenzo | Isabel García‐Rodeja | Virginia Aznar | Anxela Bugallo | Antonio González

STEM and the City: A Report on STEM Education in the Great American Urban Public School System, by Clair T. Berube, Information Age Publishing, Charlotte, NC, USA, 2014. x + 114 pp. ISBN 978-1-62396-637-9.

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2016 in Science Education


Burnett, R. Will. Combatting Prejudice Through Science Teaching. Washington, D. C. (1201 Sixteenth Street, N. W.): The National Science Teachers Association, 1952. 31 p. $1.00

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1952 in Science Education

Student perceptions of the social constructivist classroom

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 1997 in Science Education

Authors: Brian Hand | David F. Treagust | Keith Vance

The effects of knowledge on elementary science inquiry teachin

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1984 in Science Education

Authors: Daniel C. Dobey | Larry E. Schafer

Asking scientists: A decade of questions analyzed by age, gender, and country

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2009 in Science Education

Authors: Ayelet Baram‐Tsabari | Ricky J. Sethi | Lynn Bry | Anat Yarden

The culture of science education: Its history in person

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2009 in Science Education

Authors: J. Steve Oliver

Understanding conservation laws in mechanics: Students' conceptual change in learning about collisions

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1993 in Science Education

Authors: N. Grimellini‐Tomasini | B. Pecori‐Balandi | J. L. A. Pacca | A. Villani

JOURNAL ISSUE published July 2009 in Science Education

Development of Mechanistic Reasoning and Multilevel Explanations of Ecology in Third Grade Using Agent‐Based Models

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2016 in Science Education


Getting to a good place with science instruction: Rethinking an appropriate conception of teaching science

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2022 in Science Education

Authors: Douglas B. Larkin

Noll, Victor H. (Coordinator for science tests); Anderson, Kenneth E. Anderson chemistry test; Dunning, Gordon M. Dunning physics test; Nelson, Clarence H. Nelson biology test; Read, John G. Read general science test. Yonkers, New York: World Book Company, 1951. $0.35 for specimen set

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1951 in Science Education

Powering up: Learning to teach well with technology

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2005 in Science Education

Authors: Scott McDonald

An analysis of the process by which a group selects or rejects ideas or beliefs

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1956 in Science Education

Authors: Chester A. Lawson