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Editorials and educational news

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1941 in Science Education

Authors: Ellsworth S. Obourn | Arthur H. Bryan

Sigerist, Henry E. Civilisation and Disease. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1933. 255 p. $3.75.

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1946 in Science Education

Wyse, Lois. I wish every day were my birthday. Cleveland, Ohio (2231 West 110th Street): The World Publishing Company, 1967. Unpaged. $3.50

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 1968 in Science Education

Webber, Irma E. Travelers All. New York: William R. Scott, Inc., 1944. Unpaged. $1.25.

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1946 in Science Education

The teaching of science in the secondary schools of montana

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1966 in Science Education

Authors: James Warren Gebhart

Neurath, Marie. Too small to see, New York (121 East 24th St.): The Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., 1956. 36 P. $2.50

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 1960 in Science Education

Ruzic, Neil P. Where the winds sleep. Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday & Co., 1970 (236 pages)

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1971 in Science Education

Authors: Thomas D. Carr

Cormack, M. B. The first book of trees. New York: Franklin Watts, Inc., 1951. 93 p. $1.75

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 1954 in Science Education

A professional laboratory course for science teachers

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 1940 in Science Education

Authors: G. P. Cahoon

Wright, Albert Hazen, and Wright, Anna Allen. Handbook of Frogs and Toads of the United States and Canada. Ithaca, New York: Comstock Publishing Company, 1949. 640 p. $6.50

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1949 in Science Education

Explore, invent, and discover with seltzer tablets

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 1970 in Science Education

Authors: Kenneth W. Johns

Andrews, Roy Chapman. All About Dinosaurs, New York (457 Madison Avenue): Random House, Inc. 146 P. $1.95

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1957 in Science Education

Youmans, W. B. Human physiology. New York: The Macmillan Company, 1954. 418 P. $6.00

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1955 in Science Education

Industrial chemistry for metal workers

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 1940 in Science Education

Authors: M. H. Pancost

The thirty‐first yearbook and twenty years of elementary science

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 1955 in Science Education

Authors: Theresa J. Lammers

Freeman, Mae And Ira. Fun with Chemistry. New York: Random House, 1944. 59 p. $1.25.

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 1946 in Science Education

Experiences with a physical science course at the tenth grade

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 1959 in Science Education

Authors: Nelson L. Lowry

Anderson, O. Roger. Teaching modern ideas of biology. New York: Teachers College Press, Columbia University, 1973 (239 pages), $9.95

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1973 in Science Education

Authors: John J. Koran

Implications for elementary science

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 1960 in Science Education

Authors: Katherome E. Hill

Caldwell, Lynton Keith. Environment, a challenge to modern society. Garden City: Natural History Press, 1970 (283 pages) $7.95

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1972 in Science Education

Authors: N. E. Bingham