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Analysis of South African graduate degrees in science education: 1930-2000

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2005 in Science Education

Authors: Rüdiger C. Laugksch

Using youths’ personal DNA data in science camps: Fostering genetics learning and socio‐emotional attitudes toward science with design‐based research

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2022 in Science Education

Authors: Heather Toomey Zimmerman | Jennifer L. Weible | Elizabeth A. Wright | Carmen Vanderhoof | Nina G. Jablonski

Attitudes of israeli high school students towards physics

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1974 in Science Education

Authors: P. Tamir | A. Arzi | D. Zloto

Development of knowledge about electricity and magnetism during a visit to a science museum and related post-visit activities

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2000 in Science Education

Authors: David Anderson | Keith B. Lucas | Ian S. Ginns | Lynn D. Dierking

Some comments on the annual science talent search

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 1944 in Science Education

Authors: Paul F. Brakdwein

High‐school graduates' beliefs about science‐technology‐society. I. methods and issues in monitoring student views

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1987 in Science Education

Authors: Glen S. Aikenhead | Reg W. Fleming | Alan G. Ryan

High school science teachers' views of standards and accountability

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2009 in Science Education

Authors: Lisa A. Donnelly | Troy D. Sadler

Innovative science within and against a culture of “achievement”

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2003 in Science Education

Authors: Heidi B. Carlone

Review of studies on the effectiveness of instructional analogies in science education

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 1995 in Science Education

Authors: Zoubeida R. Dagher

Computer‐based simulation of laboratory problems in qualitative chemical analysis

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1971 in Science Education

Authors: T. T. Hollen | C. Victor Bunderson | J. L. Dunham

Books received

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2004 in Science Education

The sky as a topic in science education

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2004 in Science Education

Authors: Igal Galili | Ayelet Weizman | Ariel Cohen

Teaching science in diverse settings: Marginalized discourses and classroom practice

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2004 in Science Education

Authors: David Blades

Effects of gender concordance in mentoring relationships on summer research experience outcomes for undergraduate students

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2018 in Science Education

Authors: Danielle X. Morales | Sara E. Grineski | Timothy W. Collins

Announcement from the publisher

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1996 in Science Education

Education in the Age of Biocapitalism: Optimizing Educational Life for a Flat World, by Clayton Pierce. Palgrave Macmillan, New York, NY, USA, 2013. viii + 220 pp. ISBN 978-1-1370-2782-5.

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2013 in Science Education


Sciencesense: an introduction to scientific inquiry, science projects, and science fairs

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 1997 in Science Education

Authors: Norman G. Lederman

JOURNAL ISSUE published July 2015 in Science Education

Cognitive variables in problem solving in chemistry: A revisited study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 1996 in Science Education

Authors: Kam-Wah Lucille Lee | Ngoh-Khang Goh | Lian-Sai Chia | Christine Chin

JOURNAL ISSUE published January 2015 in Science Education