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JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1986 in Language & Communication

Leave-taking as multiactivity: Coordinating conversational closings with driving in cars

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2019 in Language & Communication

Research funded by Academy of Finland (287219)

Authors: Pentti Haddington

Locating Bruner

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1993 in Language & Communication

Authors: Stuart Shanker

From revolutionary monolingualism to reactionary multilingualism: Top-down discourses of linguistic diversity in Europe, 1794-present

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2015 in Language & Communication

Authors: Robert Moore

Documentation and responsibility

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2010 in Language & Communication

Authors: Nancy C. Dorian

Plato's pharmacy and Derrida's drugstore

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2000 in Language & Communication

Authors: Chris Mortensen

Defending through disaffiliation: The vicissitudes of alignment and footing in Belgian criminal hearings

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2014 in Language & Communication

Authors: Sigurd D’hondt

A small speech community with many small languages: The role of receptive multilingualism in supporting linguistic diversity at Warruwi Community (Australia)

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2018 in Language & Communication

Research funded by Australian Research Council (DE140100232,FL130100111) | Fritz Thyssen Stiftung (

Authors: Ruth Singer

Linguistic variation and time travel: Barrier, or border-crossing?

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2014 in Language & Communication

Research funded by National Science Foundation Documenting Endangered Languages Program (BCS-1160669) | Administration for Native Americans (90NL0553)

Authors: Jocelyn C. Ahlers

Gay men in early midlife: Intergenerational accommodation for approval, reclaimed status, and distinctiveness

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2015 in Language & Communication

Authors: Christopher Hajek

An applied relevance theory of the making and understanding of rhetorical arguments

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1992 in Language & Communication

Authors: J.L. Campbell

Proxy social-speech acts: A particular case of plural agency

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2020 in Language & Communication

Authors: Francesca De Vecchi

Communicating content

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2015 in Language & Communication

Authors: Alexandros Tillas | James Trafford

Editorial Board / Publication information

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2009 in Language & Communication

Theory, description and differences among linguists (or, what keeps linguistics from becoming a science)

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1981 in Language & Communication

Authors: Charles-James N. Bailey

The Language of Everyday Life

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2002 in Language & Communication

Authors: Geoffrey Galt Harpham

Bill Gates speaks K'ichee'! The corporatization of linguistic revitalization in Guatemala

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2016 in Language & Communication

Authors: Sergio Romero

Interpretation and identification of gendered selves: Analyzing gender-specific addressivity in Japanese advertising text

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1995 in Language & Communication

Authors: Michael L. Maynard

Adult age differences in the ability to comprehend ambiguous sentences

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1988 in Language & Communication

Authors: Mark Byrd

Really relativism: Dialectic interpretations of Saussure

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1989 in Language & Communication

Authors: Marya Mazor