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JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2005 in Language & Communication

Creating interpretations for novel metaphors

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1982 in Language & Communication

Authors: Marian Matic | Roger Wales

Volume contents

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1985 in Language & Communication

Leave-taking as multiactivity: Coordinating conversational closings with driving in cars

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2019 in Language & Communication

Research funded by Academy of Finland (287219)

Authors: Pentti Haddington

A critical analysis of the translation of African literature

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1990 in Language & Communication

Authors: Charles A. Nama

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JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2012 in Language & Communication

Forthcoming conferences

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1986 in Language & Communication

Good to Talk?: Living and Working in a Communication Culture

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2001 in Language & Communication

Authors: Hayley Davis

From pre-modern to modern: ethnic classification by language and the case of the Ngai/Nung of Vietnam

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1998 in Language & Communication

Authors: Christopher Hutton

On choosing a theory: a diachronic case study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2002 in Language & Communication

Authors: Margaret E. Winters

Reflexivity & Normativity: A Festschrift for Talbot J. Taylor

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2022 in Language & Communication

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JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2022 in Language & Communication

Vygotsky's machinery of the will. Or: Descartes in the dog house

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2022 in Language & Communication

Authors: Peter E. Jones

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JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2022 in Language & Communication

The craft of reference: the Welsh language and the division of labor in nineteenth century slate quarries

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2001 in Language & Communication

Authors: H.Paul Manning

Volume contents and author index for volume 9, 1989

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1989 in Language & Communication

Narrative survival. The power of personal narration, discussed through the personal story-telling of fictional characters, particularly those created by Margaret Atwood

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1995 in Language & Communication

Authors: Valerie Shepherd

Why is there no ‘true’ philosophy of linguistics?

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1991 in Language & Communication

Authors: Sylvain Auroux | Djamel Kouloughli

Vox populi, vox Dei: The ‘People’ as an agent of linguistic norm

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2006 in Language & Communication

Authors: Carita Klippi

Native tongue, captive voice. The representation of the Aboriginal ‘voice’ in colonial South Australia

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1996 in Language & Communication

Authors: Robert Foster | Peter Mühlhäusler