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A Wittgensteinian perspective in linguistics

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1981 in Language & Communication

Authors: T.J. Taylor

Vowel patterning of Mormons in Southern Alberta, Canada

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2015 in Language & Communication

Authors: Nicole Rosen | Crystal Skriver

Language acquisition, data compression and generalization

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1982 in Language & Communication

Authors: J.Gerard Wolff

The power of conceptual metaphors in the age of pandemic: The influence of the WAR and SPORT domains on emotions and thoughts

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2021 in Language & Communication

Research funded by Gobierno de Espana Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad (FFI2017-83166-C2-2-R)

Authors: Anna Doquin de Saint Preux | Ocarina Masid Blanco

Ibi sint traductores: Translation as communication in and about Africa

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1990 in Language & Communication

Authors: André Lefevere


JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1999 in Language & Communication

Editorial Board / Publication information

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2017 in Language & Communication

Suspicious minds: Problems of cooperation in a Lio ceremonial council

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2013 in Language & Communication

Authors: Adam Harr

Informed consent among analog people in a digital world

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2010 in Language & Communication

Authors: Laura C. Robinson

The college of St. Barnabas on Norfolk Island and its languages: An early example of missionary language planning

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2010 in Language & Communication

Authors: Peter Mühlhäusler

Colorless green ideals in the language of bibliographic description: Making sense and nonsense in libraries

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2007 in Language & Communication

Authors: David Bade

Six principles for developmental communication: Silent-film montage and adult-infant interaction

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 1993 in Language & Communication

Authors: Carol Sherrard

Psychologistic structuralism and the polylect

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1984 in Language & Communication

Authors: Nigel Love

Wittgenstein's silence: Philosophy, ritual and the limits of language

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1985 in Language & Communication

Authors: Anthony Holiday

Nevo, N. and Olshtain, E., (Eds.). 2007. The Hebrew Language in the Era of Globalization. Magnes Press, Jerusalem

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2011 in Language & Communication

Authors: Yael Reshef

Volume contents and author index for volume 15, 1995

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1995 in Language & Communication

Editorial board

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2004 in Language & Communication


JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1999 in Language & Communication

Neo-Darwinian accounts of the evolution of language: 1. Questions about their explanatory focus

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 1997 in Language & Communication

Authors: Rudolf P. Botha

Interpreting expletives in cross-cultural interaction in court

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2021 in Language & Communication

Authors: Giao Quynh Tran