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The ‘preparatory’ and ‘argumentation’ stages of police interrogation: A linguistic analysis of a criminal investigation

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2016 in Language & Communication

Authors: Marianne Mason

Speaking through animals: Kawaiwete shamanism and metalingual play

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2018 in Language & Communication

Research funded by Wenner Gren Foundation (5372)

Authors: Suzanne Oakdale

Literacy and perceptions of aging: Evidence from the Dani in Papua

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2022 in Language & Communication

Authors: Piotr Sorokowski | Anna Oleszkiewicz | Corinna E. Löckenhoff | Marta Kowal | Tomasz Frackowiak | W.P. Malecki

Listeners' comments on conversation

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1983 in Language & Communication

Authors: Graham McGregor

Turn-taking and the structural legitimization of bias: The case of the Ford-Kavanaugh hearing by the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2019 in Language & Communication

Authors: Chase Wesley Raymond | Marissa Caldwell | Lisa Mikesell | Innhwa Park | Nicholas Williams

Public intimacy: The language of valentines in the National press

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1988 in Language & Communication

Authors: Eirlys E. Davies

Competence to comprehend and knowledging

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2013 in Language & Communication

Authors: Zane Goebel

Multilingualism and diasporic populations: Spatializing practices, institutional processes, and social hierarchies

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2005 in Language & Communication

Authors: James Collins | Stef Slembrouck

Embedded metapragmatics and lying politicians

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1999 in Language & Communication

Authors: Stanton Wortham | Michael Locher

Telling the Other's side: Formulating others' mental states in driver training

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2019 in Language & Communication

Research funded by Committee for Educational Sciences of the Swedish Research Council (721-2012-5367)

Authors: Mathias Broth | Jakob Cromdal | Lena Levin

Group assertion and group silencing

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2020 in Language & Communication

Research funded by Austrian Science Fund (I 3068)

Authors: Leo Townsend

The Muhammad Ali effect: Differences between African Americans and European Americans in their perceptions of a truthful bragger

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 1994 in Language & Communication

Authors: Thomas Holtgraves | Jeffrey Dulin

Beyond the speech community: On belonging to a multilingual, diasporic, and digital social network

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2019 in Language & Communication

Authors: Marco Jacquemet

Suasive speech: A stronger affective defense of rhetoric and the politics of cognitive poetics

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2016 in Language & Communication

Authors: David R. Gruber

Disappearing, Inc.: Glimpsing the sublime in the politics of access to endangered languages

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2006 in Language & Communication

Authors: Robert E. Moore

Joint attentional scenes, stone tools, language and event simulation

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2021 in Language & Communication

Authors: Ciro Antunes de Medeiros

Hit and miss: Referee design in the dialects of New Zealand television advertisements

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 1992 in Language & Communication

Authors: Allan Bell

Making Pittsburghese: Communication technology, expertise, and the discursive construction of a regional dialect

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2011 in Language & Communication

Authors: Barbara Johnstone

An empirical analysis of participant intentions: discourse in a graduate seminar

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1997 in Language & Communication

Authors: Gail Brendel Viechnicki


JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1999 in Language & Communication