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JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2018 in Language & Communication

Debating and its discontents

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2006 in Language & Communication

Authors: Stephen Farrow

Intonation and meaning in conversation

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1982 in Language & Communication

Authors: Graham McGregor


JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1985 in Language & Communication

Regimes of hearing: Norwegian qualia of quiet and noise as heard through a migrant classroom

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2019 in Language & Communication

Authors: Janet E. Connor

Forthcoming conferences and publications

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1984 in Language & Communication

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JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2017 in Language & Communication

Representation of the written and oral in Finnish Kalevala meter poetry

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1994 in Language & Communication

Authors: Laura M. Stark

The ethno-metapragmatics of CHOSEN/CHOSUN: The intertextual gap and post-colonial politics in Asia

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2020 in Language & Communication

Authors: Jinsuk Yang

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JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2016 in Language & Communication

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JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2022 in Language & Communication

On lying in Russian

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1992 in Language & Communication

Authors: Henrietta Mondry | John R. Taylor

Intact use of politeness in the discourse of Alzheimer’s sufferers

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1999 in Language & Communication

Authors: Valerie Temple | Steven Sabat | Rolf Kroger

Editorial Board

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2024 in Language & Communication

Speaking up and being heard: The changing metadiscourse about ‘voice’ in British parliamentary debates since 1800

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2024 in Language & Communication

Authors: Melani Schröter | Theo Jung

Who made the soup? Socializing the researcher and shaping her data

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2009 in Language & Communication

Authors: Kathleen C. Riley

Barista rants about stupid customers at Starbucks: What imaginary conversations can teach us about real ones

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2008 in Language & Communication

Authors: Paul Manning

‘Labor is the most glorious’ : Chronotopic linguistic landscaping and the making of working class identities

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2021 in Language & Communication

Authors: Jie Dong

Communication slips and their sociocultural implications

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2002 in Language & Communication

Authors: Wei Yang

The ideology of swearwords in Slovenia

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2012 in Language & Communication

Authors: Jona Fras