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Of glyphs and glottography

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2006 in Language & Communication

Authors: Malcolm D. Hyman

Attitudinal and affective response toward accented English

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2002 in Language & Communication

Authors: Mary Jiang Bresnahan | Rie Ohashi | Reiko Nebashi | Wen Ying Liu | Sachiyo Morinaga Shearman

Analysing fictional dialogue

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1985 in Language & Communication

Authors: Michael Toolan


JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 1992 in Language & Communication

Authors: Malcah Yaeger-Dror

Taking a detour before answering the question: Turn-initial okay in second position in English interaction

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2021 in Language & Communication

Authors: Darcey K. deSouza | Emma Betz | Mary Clinkenbeard | Emi Morita | Natasha Shrikant | William A. Tuccio

AAE as a bounded ethnolinguistic resource for white women with African American ties

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2014 in Language & Communication

Authors: Sonya Fix

Informed consent among analog people in a digital world

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2010 in Language & Communication

Authors: Laura C. Robinson

A small speech community with many small languages: The role of receptive multilingualism in supporting linguistic diversity at Warruwi Community (Australia)

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2018 in Language & Communication

Research funded by Australian Research Council (DE140100232,FL130100111) | Fritz Thyssen Stiftung (

Authors: Ruth Singer

Linguistic variation and time travel: Barrier, or border-crossing?

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2014 in Language & Communication

Research funded by National Science Foundation Documenting Endangered Languages Program (BCS-1160669) | Administration for Native Americans (90NL0553)

Authors: Jocelyn C. Ahlers

Culture and class in a glass: Scaling the semiofoodscape

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2018 in Language & Communication

Research funded by Swedish Research Council (VR) (421-2013-1305)

Authors: Johan Järlehed | Máiréad Moriarty

Indexing membership via responses to irony: Communication competence in Israeli radio call-in shows

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2018 in Language & Communication

Authors: Zohar Livnat | Gonen Dori-Hacohen

Monoglossic policies for a heteroglossic culture: misinterpreted multilingualism in modern Galicia

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2000 in Language & Communication

Authors: José del Valle

Metapragmatics of normalcy: Mobility, context, and language choice

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2020 in Language & Communication

Authors: Farzad Karimzad

Writing the smile: Language ideologies in, and through, sign language scripts

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2011 in Language & Communication

Authors: Erika Hoffmann-Dilloway

Vowel patterning of Mormons in Southern Alberta, Canada

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2015 in Language & Communication

Authors: Nicole Rosen | Crystal Skriver

From revolutionary monolingualism to reactionary multilingualism: Top-down discourses of linguistic diversity in Europe, 1794-present

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2015 in Language & Communication

Authors: Robert Moore

Accommodation theory and dialect shift: A case study from Yiddish

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1988 in Language & Communication

Authors: Ellen F. Prince

Language and nonverbal systems in the structure of face-to-face interaction

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1983 in Language & Communication

Authors: Fernando Poyatos

Resolving suspicion moment-by-moment. The overall structural organization of police encounters in the Spain-France border area

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2022 in Language & Communication

Authors: Michael Mora-Rodriguez

Toward a semantic approach to terms of address: A critique of deterministic models in sociolinguistics

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1981 in Language & Communication

Authors: Martha B. Kendall