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Inference of the Genetic Architecture Underlying BMI and Height with the Use of 20,240 Sibling Pairs

Journal Article published Nov 2013 in The American Journal of Human Genetics volume 93 issue 5 on pages 865 to 875

Authors: Gibran Hemani, Jian Yang, Anna Vinkhuyzen, Joseph E. Powell, Gonneke Willemsen, Jouke-Jan Hottenga, Abdel Abdellaoui, Massimo Mangino, Ana M. Valdes, Sarah E. Medland, Pamela A. Madden, Andrew C. Heath, Anjali K. Henders, Dale R. Nyholt, Eco J.C. de Geus, Patrik K.E. Magnusson, Erik Ingelsson, Grant W. Montgomery, Timothy D. Spector, Dorret I. Boomsma, Nancy L. Pedersen, Nicholas G. Martin, Peter M. Visscher