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The Xerobranching Response Represses Lateral Root Formation When Roots Are Not in Contact with Water

Journal Article published Oct 2018 in Current Biology volume 28 issue 19 on pages 3165 to 3173.e5

Research funded by FWO Flanders | Communauté française de Belgique (11/16-036) | EU EuRoot (EU-FP7, 289300.27) | Bilateral Research Cooperation with MOST (2016YFE0109900) | BBSRC David Phillips Fellowship (BB_BB/H022457/1, BIO2011-23446) | DROPs (EU-FP7, 244374) | Biological and Biotechnology Science Research Council | Vetenskapsrådet | Fund for Research Training in Industry and Agriculture | IAP (IAP7/29) | FWO Vlaanderen (G0273.13N) | VINNOVA | Fonds De La Recherche Scientifique - FNRS (1.5055.12,

Authors: Beata Orman-Ligeza, Emily C. Morris, Boris Parizot, Tristan Lavigne, Aurelie Babé, Aleksander Ligeza, Stephanie Klein, Craig Sturrock, Wei Xuan, Ondřey Novák, Karin Ljung, Maria A. Fernandez, Pedro L. Rodriguez, Ian C. Dodd, Ive De Smet, Francois Chaumont, Henri Batoko, Claire Périlleux, Jonathan P. Lynch, Malcolm J. Bennett, Tom Beeckman, Xavier Draye