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Oxidation and cyclization of casbene in the biosynthesis ofEuphorbiafactors from mature seeds ofEuphorbia lathyrisL.

Journal Article published 9 Aug 2016 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences volume 113 issue 34 on pages E5082 to E5089

Research funded by European Research Council (ERC-2012-ADG_20120314) | Novo Nordisk (n.a.) | Styrelsen for Forskning og Innovation (12-131834, 12-131834) | National Renewable Energy Laboratory (DE-FC02-07ER64494)

Authors: Dan Luo, Roberta Callari, Britta Hamberger, Sileshi Gizachew Wubshet, Morten T. Nielsen, Johan Andersen-Ranberg, Björn M. Hallström, Federico Cozzi, Harald Heider, Birger Lindberg Møller, Dan Staerk, Björn Hamberger