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Using genetics to test the causal relationship of total adiposity and periodontitis: Mendelian randomization analyses in the Gene-Lifestyle Interactions and Dental Endpoints (GLIDE) Consortium

Journal Article published 1 Apr 2015 in International Journal of Epidemiology volume 44 issue 2 on pages 638 to 650

Authors: D. Shungin, M. C. Cornelis, K. Divaris, B. Holtfreter, J. R. Shaffer, Y.-H. Yu, S. P. Barros, J. D. Beck, R. Biffar, E. A. Boerwinkle, R. J. Crout, A. Ganna, G. Hallmans, G. Hindy, F. B. Hu, P. Kraft, D. W. McNeil, O. Melander, K. L. Moss, K. E. North, M. Orho-Melander, N. L. Pedersen, P. M. Ridker, E. B. Rimm, L. M. Rose, G. Rukh, A. Teumer, R. J. Weyant, D. I. Chasman, K. Joshipura, T. Kocher, P. K. Magnusson, M. L. Marazita, P. Nilsson, S. Offenbacher, G. Davey Smith, P. Lundberg, T. M. Palmer, N. J. Timpson, I. Johansson, P. W. Franks