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Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Infected Women Have High Numbers of CD103−CD8+ T Cells Residing Close to the Basal Membrane of the Ectocervical Epithelium

Journal Article published 20 Dec 2017 in The Journal of Infectious Diseases volume 218 issue 3 on pages 453 to 465

Research funded by Tore Nilsons Research Foundation for Medical Research (2016-00299) | Karolinska Institutet Research Foundation (2014fobi41076) | Clas Groschinsky Memorial Funds (M1663) | Svenska Läkaresällskapet (SLS-593411) | Magnus Bergvalls Stiftelse (2015-01209) | Vetenskapsrådet (2016-02646, K2014-57X-22451-01-5)

Authors: Anna Gibbs, Marcus Buggert, Gabriella Edfeldt, Petter Ranefall, Andrea Introini, Stanley Cheuk, Elisa Martini, Liv Eidsmo, Terry B Ball, Joshua Kimani, Rupert Kaul, Annika C Karlsson, Carolina Wählby, Kristina Broliden, Annelie Tjernlund