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Cryo-EM reconstruction of the chlororibosome to 3.2 Å resolution within 24 h

Journal Article published 22 Sep 2017 in IUCrJ volume 4 issue 6 on pages 723 to 727

Research funded by Stiftelsen för Strategisk Forskning (Future Leaders Grant FFL15:0325) | Ragnar Söderbergs stiftelse (Fellowship in Medicine M44/16) | Raymond and Beverly Sackler Institute for Biological, Physical and Engineering Sciences, Yale University | Vetenskapsrådet | Federation of European Biochemical Societies (Long-Term Fellowship) | Sven and Lilly Lawski Foundation (Lawski Scholarship) | Erasmus Mundus Programme

Authors: Björn O. Forsberg, Shintaro Aibara, Dari Kimanius, Bijoya Paul, Erik Lindahl, Alexey Amunts