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Auxotrophy and intrapopulation complementary in the ‘interactome’ of a cultivated freshwater model community

Journal Article published 8 Aug 2015 in Molecular Ecology volume 24 issue 17 on pages 4449 to 4459

Research funded by the Swedish research council VR (2012-4592) | the German Science Foundation (DFG 1540/17-1) | the JSMC, the United States National Science Foundation Microbial Observatories program (MCB-0702395) | the Long Term Ecological Research program (NTL-LTER DEB-0822700) | INSPIRE award (DEB-1344254)

Authors: Sarahi L. Garcia, Moritz Buck, Katherine D. McMahon, Hans-Peter Grossart, Alexander Eiler, Falk Warnecke