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Rye B chromosomes encode a functional Argonaute-like protein within vitroslicer activities similar to its A chromosome paralog

Journal Article published 28 Jul 2016 in New Phytologist volume 213 issue 2 on pages 916 to 928

Research funded by China CSC scholarship | California Department of Fish and Game (HO 1779/10-1/14-1, CRC 648 C1 and A7) | National Program of Sustainability (LO 2014) | Grantová Agentura České Republiky (P501-12-G090)

Authors: Wei Ma, Tobias Sebastian Gabriel, Mihaela Maria Martis, Torsten Gursinsky, Veit Schubert, Jan Vrána, Jaroslav Doležel, Heidrun Grundlach, Lothar Altschmied, Uwe Scholz, Axel Himmelbach, Sven-Erik Behrens, Ali Mohammad Banaei-Moghaddam, Andreas Houben