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Pleiotrophin promotes vascular abnormalization in gliomas and correlates with poor survival in patients with astrocytomas

Journal Article published 8 Dec 2015 in Science Signaling volume 8 issue 406 on pages ra125 to ra125

Research funded by Cancerfonden (CAN 2011/862) | Barncancerfonden (PR2013-0107, PROJ11/083) | Vetenskapsrådet (2013-3797, 2008-2853)

Authors: Lei Zhang, Soumi Kundu, Tjerk Feenstra, Xiujuan Li, Chuan Jin, Liisi Laaniste, Tamador Elsir Abu El Hassan, K. Elisabet Ohlin, Di Yu, Tommie Olofsson, Anna-Karin Olsson, Fredrik Pontén, Peetra U. Magnusson, Karin Forsberg Nilsson, Magnus Essand, Anja Smits, Lothar C. Dieterich, Anna Dimberg