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The protein phosphatase 2A regulatory subunit PR70 is a gonosomal melanoma tumor suppressor gene

Journal Article published 14 Dec 2016 in Science Translational Medicine volume 8 issue 369 on pages 369ra177 to 369ra177

Research funded by Australian National Health | Medical Research Council | Cancer Institute NSW

Authors: L. C. L. van Kempen, M. Redpath, M. Elchebly, K. O. Klein, A. I. Papadakis, J. S. Wilmott, R. A. Scolyer, P.-H. Edqvist, F. Ponten, D. Schadendorf, A. F. van Rijk, S. Michiels, A. Dumay, A. Helbling-Leclerc, P. Dessen, J. Wouters, M. Stass, C. M. T. Greenwood, G. E. Ghanem, J. van den Oord, J. Feunteun, A. Spatz