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A Comprehensive Analysis of Human Gene Expression Profiles Identifies Stromal Immunoglobulin   C as a Compatible Prognostic Marker in Human Solid Tumors

Journal Article published 20 Feb 2012 in Clinical Cancer Research volume 18 issue 9 on pages 2695 to 2703

Authors: M. Schmidt, B. Hellwig, S. Hammad, A. Othman, M. Lohr, Z. Chen, D. Boehm, S. Gebhard, I. Petry, A. Lebrecht, C. Cadenas, R. Marchan, J. D. Stewart, C. Solbach, L. Holmberg, K. Edlund, H. G. Kultima, A. Rody, A. Berglund, M. Lambe, A. Isaksson, J. Botling, T. Karn, V. Muller, A. Gerhold-Ay, C. Cotarelo, M. Sebastian, R. Kronenwett, H. Bojar, H.-A. Lehr, U. Sahin, H. Koelbl, M. Gehrmann, P. Micke, J. Rahnenfuhrer, J. G. Hengstler