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The Rose-comb Mutation in Chickens Constitutes a Structural Rearrangement Causing Both Altered Comb Morphology and Defective Sperm Motility

Journal Article published 28 Jun 2012 in PLoS Genetics volume 8 issue 6 on page e1002775

Authors: Freyja Imsland, Chungang Feng, Henrik Boije, Bertrand Bed'hom, Valérie Fillon, Ben Dorshorst, Carl-Johan Rubin, Ranran Liu, Yu Gao, Xiaorong Gu, Yanqiang Wang, David Gourichon, Michael C. Zody, William Zecchin, Agathe Vieaud, Michèle Tixier-Boichard, Xiaoxiang Hu, Finn Hallböök, Ning Li, Leif Andersson

Editors: Dave Burt