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World Literature: A Panacea for the Colonial Prejudice of English Literature

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 12 July 2020 in k@ta

Authors: Amirhossein Nemati | Ali Hassanpour Darbandi

Racism in Roald Dahl’s The BFG: A Social Criticism or White Supremacy Tendency?

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 13 December 2020 in k@ta

Authors: Jeanyfer Tanusy

A Comparative Study: Self-Realization in Twentieth-Century Western Thought, Ibn e Arabi's Idea, and Theatre of The Absurd

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 10 April 2012 in k@ta

Authors: Bahee Hadaegh


JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 June 2004 in k@ta

Authors: Helen Hendaria Kamandhari

Unpacking Multilingualism in Tourism Peripheries in Bali: Taking a Look into Private Shop-fronts

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 21 June 2021 in k@ta

Authors: Dewianti Khazanah | Reni Kusumaningputri

Vintage Ladies in Cubist Exhibitions: Pablo Picasso's Cubist Women and Judith Butler's Performativity

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 12 July 2020 in k@ta

Authors: Samaneh Saeid | Laleh Atashi

Men and Masculinity in Men’s Stylish Lifestyle Magazine

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 19 January 2009 in k@ta

Authors: Collin Jerome

The Phonological Errors by Dutch Exchange Students in Reading Indonesian Texts

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 December 2017 in k@ta

Authors: Theodorus Yohanes Mustamu | Henny Putri Saking Wijaya

The Translation of Indonesian Reduplication into English

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 December 2013 in k@ta

Authors: Clara Herlina Karjo | Menik Winiharti | , Muhartoyo

Pejorative Words Indicating Indonesian Hate Speech

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 9 June 2023 in kata

Authors: Citra Suryanovika | Laily Nur Affini

Some Womanist Inscriptions in Ebony Reigns’ Song Maame Hwɛ: A Literary Approach

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 9 June 2023 in kata

Authors: Philomena Ama Okyeso Yeboah | Confidence Gbolo Sanka | Lucy Korkoi Bonku

Following the Traces of Feminine Writing in Adrienne Rich’s Poems

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 February 2017 in k@ta

Authors: Nodeh Soghra | Pourgiv Farideh

Tennessee Williams in the 50s: A Mirror Competing Discourses

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 15 March 2013 in k@ta

Authors: Ghandeharion A. | Anushiravani A.

Formation of Youth Identity in Indonesian Islamic Chick Lit

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 5 September 2011 in k@ta

Authors: Novita Dewi

An Interdisciplinary Study of Narrative Structure in Dash Akol as a Short Story and Dash Akol as a Movie

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 9 December 2015 in k@ta

Authors: Dashti Azam | Hadidi Yaser

The Survival of Faith in Solzhenitsyn’s One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich and “Matryona’s House”

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 21 June 2019 in k@ta

Authors: Wawan Eko Yulianto

Rick Riordan’s Intention in Writing Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and the Reception of the Readers

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 31 December 2014 in k@ta

Authors: Mugijatna , | Sri Kusumo Habsari | Yunita Ariani Putri

The Politeness Strategies Found in @kulinersby’s Instagram Account in Promoting Culinary Businesses

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 20 December 2021 in k@ta

Authors: Joshua Delbert Gunawan | Nani Indrajani Tjitrakusuma

Introducing Indonesian Culture through Educative Boardgame Using Augmented Reality: A Prototype of Grand Indonesia Java Edition Boardgame

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 20 March 2023 in kata

Authors: Daniel Kurniawan Salamoon | Gabriella Angeline | Amadeus Jacaranda | Bryant Pasadeva

Designing a Mobile Game Based on Augmented Reality Application for Learning Media

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 20 March 2023 in kata

Authors: Antonius Suratno | Erdhi Widyarto Nugroho