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Sostenibilidad económica y situación financiera de las estaciones de esquí alpino del Pirineo catalán

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 17 November 2016 in Intangible Capital

Authors: Laura Sánchez Pulido | Natalia Daries Ramón | Eduard Cristóbal Fransi

The Spanish company in China: Entry forms and barriers to internationalization

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 4 February 2016 in Intangible Capital

Authors: Àngels Niñerola | Maria-Victoria Sanchez-Rebull

Compulsory equal opportunities plans: Advantages of equal opportunities between women and men for companies

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 30 April 2009 in Intangible Capital

Authors: Amaia Lusa-Garcia | M. Dolors Calvet-Puig | Carme Martinez-Costa | Olga Pons Peregort | Marta Tura-Solvas

The GDOR model. A new methodology for the analysis of training needs: The case of Andorra

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 14 September 2012 in Intangible Capital

Authors: Marc Eguiguren Huerta | Xavier Llinàs Audet | Martí Parellada Sabata

Exploratory study of high involvement work practices: Identification of the dimensions and proposal of questionnaire to measure the degree of use in the company

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 29 July 2009 in Intangible Capital

Authors: Juan A. Marin-Garcia | Graziela Conci

The profitability of companies offering services to seniors: Comparative study of nursing homes and services at home

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 6 September 2013 in Intangible Capital

Authors: Teresa M. Monllau Jaques | Nuria Rodríguez Ávila

Teaching methods for increasing the participations of students: Innovative dynamics games

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 6 September 2013 in Intangible Capital

Authors: Ester Oliveras | Patrícia Crespo

The professional skills profile of a public affairs practitioner in Spain

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 28 September 2018 in Intangible Capital

Authors: María Paola Mastrantonio Ramos | Oscar Coduras Martínez

Special Issue: Current trends in research in accounting finance and management control

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 30 October 2017 in Intangible Capital

Authors: Carlos Lassala | Vicente Ripoll Feliu

Internal corporate social responsibility and organizational creativity: An empirical study of Vietnamese small and medium-sized enterprises

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 5 February 2020 in Intangible Capital

Authors: Nhu Ngoc Nguyen | Phong Tuan Nham | Yoshi Takahashi

Human resources management in fitness centers and their relationship with the organizational performance

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 23 December 2014 in Intangible Capital

Authors: Jerónimo García Fernández | Jesús Fernández Gavira | Elsa Pereira | João Carvalho

Iniciativa personal y emprendedora del alumnado de Primaria y 1º ciclo Secundaria: Aspectos personales, familiares y escolares

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 26 October 2016 in Intangible Capital

Authors: Rosalia Romero Tena | Francisco Espasandín Bustelo

Cost accounting in Spanish and Catalan universities: Its current status of implementation

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 19 January 2017 in Intangible Capital

Authors: Ramon Saladrigues | Anna Tena

Información de responsabilidad social corporativa y teoría institucional

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 9 September 2016 in Intangible Capital

Authors: María Gallén Ortiz | Carlos Peraita de Grado

Survey of sustainability of continuous improvement systems: a comparison of two manufacturing communities in Spain and Mexico

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 21 April 2011 in Intangible Capital

Authors: Carmen Jaca | Manuel F. Suárez-Barraza | Elisabeth Viles-Díez | Ricardo Mateo-Dueñas | Javier Santos-García

An overview of bankruptcy prediction models for corporate firms: A Systematic literature review

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 14 October 2019 in Intangible Capital

Authors: Yin Shi | Xiaoni Li

Time as a cultural factor and its socioeconomic importance: State of the art and future research lines

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 30 April 2009 in Intangible Capital

Authors: Ramon Cladellas

Learning in school for tomorrow jobs

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 18 September 2015 in Intangible Capital

Authors: Ana Burgués

Analysis of open innovation communities from the perspective of Social Network Analysis

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 18 February 2013 in Intangible Capital

Authors: Rocio Martinez-Torres

Influencia del capital humano en la calidad de la auditoría contable

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 16 December 2013 in Intangible Capital

Authors: Mónica Fernández | Ana Gisbert | Juan Carlos Salazar