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Covalently bonded pancreatic lipase onto the dithiocarbamate/chitosan-based magnetite: Stepwise fabrication of Fe 3 O 4 @CS/NHCS-Lip as a novel and promising nanobiocatalyst

Journal Article published Oct 2017 in International Journal of Biological Macromolecules volume 103 on pages 1194 to 1200

Research funded by PNU University

Authors: Ali Baghban, Mohammad Heidarizadeh, Esmail Doustkhah, Sadegh Rostamnia, Parisa Fathi Rezaei

Ag-incorporated Alq3 nanowires: Promising material for organic luminescent devices

Journal Article published Aug 2017 in Journal of Luminescence volume 188 on pages 418 to 422

Research funded by University Grants Commission (42-805/2013(SR)

Authors: Mohd. Bilal Khan, Zishan Husain Khan

Olumacostat Glasaretil, a Promising Topical Sebum-Suppressing Agent that Affects All Major Pathogenic Factors of Acne Vulgaris

Journal Article published Jul 2017 in Journal of Investigative Dermatology volume 137 issue 7 on pages 1405 to 1408

Authors: Bodo C. Melnik

Selected flavonoid compounds as promising inhibitors of protein kinase CK2α and CK2α′, the catalytic subunits of CK2

Journal Article published Apr 2017 in Phytochemistry volume 136 on pages 39 to 45

Authors: Andrea Baier, Anna Galicka, Jolanta Nazaruk, Ryszard Szyszka

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based methods: Promising molecular tools in dentistry

Journal Article published Oct 2018 in International Journal of Biological Macromolecules volume 117 on pages 983 to 992

Authors: Shahriar Shahi, Sepideh Zununi Vahed, Nazanin Fathi, Simin Sharifi

“Pharming out” support: a promising approach to integrating clinical pharmacists into established primary care medical home practices

Journal Article published 8 Aug 2017 in Journal of International Medical Research volume 46 issue 1 on pages 234 to 248

Authors: Kimberly D. Brunisholz, Jeff Olson, Jonathan W. Anderson, Emily Hays, Peggy M. Tilbury, Bradley Winter, Josh Rickard, Sharon Hamilton, Gregory Parkin

Subtraction Procedure for Power-line Interference Removal from ECG signals with High Sampling Rate

Journal Article published Jun 2018 in International Journal Bioautomation volume 22 issue 2 on pages 147 to 158

Authors: Georgy Mihov, Department of Electronics, Faculty of Electronic Engineering and Technologies, Technical University of Sofia

Detergent-resistant oligomeric Leptosphaeria rhodopsin is a promising bio-nanomaterial and an alternative to bacteriorhodopsin

Journal Article published Nov 2017 in Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications volume 493 issue 1 on pages 352 to 357

Research funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (21273279, 31170794)

Authors: Liangliang Ji, Baofu Ma, Qian Meng, Longjie Li, Ke Liu, Deliang Chen

Synthesis of silica-PAMAM dendrimer nanoparticles as promising carriers in Neuro blastoma cells

Journal Article published Feb 2017 in Analytical Biochemistry volume 519 on pages 1 to 7

Research funded by Scientific and Technical Research Council | TUBITAK (113M196)

Authors: Ozlem Yesil-Celiktas, Cansu Pala, E. Oyku Cetin-Uyanikgil, Canan Sevimli-Gur

Surface micro-patterning as a promising platform towards novel polyamide thin-film composite membranes of superior performance

Journal Article published May 2017 in Journal of Membrane Science volume 529 on pages 11 to 22

Research funded by Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (57072353) | Federal Foreign Office of Germany

Authors: Ibrahim M.A. ElSherbiny, Ahmed S.G. Khalil, Mathias Ulbricht