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A promising new route toward materialization of high-temperature topological superconductors

Journal Article published May 2017 in Science Bulletin volume 62 issue 10 on pages 671 to 672

Authors: Zhenyu Zhang

Theoretical predicted high-thermal-conductivity cubic Si3N4 and Ge3N4: promising substrate materials for high-power electronic devices

Journal Article published 26 Sep 2018 in Scientific Reports volume 8 issue 1

Authors: Huimin Xiang, Zhihai Feng, Zhongping Li, Yanchun Zhou

Be12O12 Nano-cage as a Promising Catalyst for CO2 Hydrogenation

Journal Article published 18 Jan 2017 in Scientific Reports volume 7 issue 1

Authors: Haiyan Zhu, Yawei Li, Guizhi Zhu, Haibin Su, Siew Hwa Chan, Qiang Sun

Good Chemistry at Electronic Conference

Journal Article published 1 Jan 1993 in Science on pages 1271 to 1271

New technologies boost genome quality

Journal Article published 6 Jul 2017 in Science volume 357 issue 6346 on pages 10 to 11

Authors: Elizabeth Pennisi

Promising HIV-gel trial halted in Africa

Journal Article published Dec 2011 in New Scientist volume 212 issue 2841 on page 4

Promising postgrads of the near future

Journal Article published Dec 2013 in New Scientist volume 220 issue 2946 on page 57

Authors: Nora Schultz

Promising Trends in Neuroscience

Journal Article published Sep 1970 in Nature volume 227 issue 5262 on pages 1006 to 1009


Two-dimensional electronic spectra of the photosynthetic apparatus of green sulfur bacteria

Journal Article published 27 Mar 2017 in Scientific Reports volume 7 issue 1

Authors: Tobias Kramer, Mirta Rodriguez

Solvent Chemistry in the Electronic Cigarette Reaction Vessel

Journal Article published 14 Feb 2017 in Scientific Reports volume 7 issue 1

Authors: R. Paul Jensen, Robert M. Strongin, David H. Peyton