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Hydroxide MgSn(OH)6: A promising new photocatalyst for methyl orange degradation

Journal Article published 20 Apr 2017 in Electronic Materials Letters volume 13 issue 4 on pages 339 to 343

Authors: Jiajia Tao, Zhaoqi Sun, Miao Zhang, Gang He, Xiaoshuang Chen

International conference on wafer bonding for MEMS technologies and wafer level integration

Journal Article published 13 Dec 2017 in Microsystem Technologies volume 24 issue 1 on pages 771 to 771

Authors: Roy Knechtel

Renaissance in phytomedicines: promising implications of NGS technologies

Journal Article published 22 Mar 2016 in Planta volume 244 issue 1 on pages 19 to 38

Authors: Sonal Sharma, Neeta Shrivastava

Promising technologies for making metal products for rail transport

Journal Article published Sep 2004 in Metallurgist volume 48 issue 9-10 on pages 478 to 483

Authors: G. A. Filippov

International Conference on High Aspect Ratio Microstructure Technology HARMST '97

Journal Article published 12 Dec 1997 in Microsystem Technologies volume 4 issue 1 on pages 1 to 1

Authors: Peter Bley

MICROMAT - International conference on micro materials

Journal Article published 23 Oct 1998 in Microsystem Technologies volume 5 issue 1 on pages 1 to 2

Authors: B. Michel, A. Schubert

Special Issue on 3rd International Conference on Smart Systems Engineering (SmaSys 2015)

Journal Article published 24 Apr 2017 in Microsystem Technologies volume 23 issue 5 on pages 1131 to 1131

Authors: Ajit Khosla, Hidemitsu Furukawa, Bernd Michel

Influence of the Exchange–Correlation Functional on the Electronic Properties of ZnSb as a Promising Thermoelectric Material

Journal Article published 28 Oct 2014 in Journal of Electronic Materials volume 44 issue 6 on pages 1540 to 1546

Authors: Kinga Niedziółka, Philippe Jund

Technologies for Trust in Electronic Commerce

Journal Article published Jan 2004 in Electronic Commerce Research volume 4 issue 1/2 on pages 9 to 21

Authors: Mary Anne Patton, Audun Jøsang

Ovary development and annual egg production of hake, M. merluccius: a promising aquaculture species

Journal Article published 27 Apr 2017 in Aquaculture International volume 25 issue 5 on pages 1747 to 1759

Research funded by Scottish Aquaculture Research Forum (38)

Authors: Jim Treasurer

Special Issue: International Conference on Applied System Innovation (ICASI 2016)

Journal Article published 3 Jul 2017 in Microsystem Technologies volume 24 issue 1 on pages 1 to 1

Authors: Sheng-Joue Young, Teen-Hang Meen, Ajit Khosla, B. Michel

PAWEES 2009 international conference on promising practices for the development of sustainable paddy fields: first announcement

Journal Article published 19 Mar 2009 in Paddy and Water Environment volume 7 issue 2 on pages 161 to 162

Resistive Bridging Defect Detection in Bulk, FDSOI and FinFET Technologies

Journal Article published 29 Jun 2017 in Journal of Electronic Testing volume 33 issue 4 on pages 515 to 527

Authors: Amit Karel, Mariane Comte, Jean-Marc Galliere, Florence Azais, Michel Renovell

Titania-reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite as a promising visible light-active photocatalyst for continuous degradation of VVOC in air purification process

Journal Article published 22 Jul 2017 in Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy volume 19 issue 8 on pages 2089 to 2098

Authors: Akram Ebrahimi, Shohreh Fatemi

Water-mediated NOE: a promising tool for interrogating interfacial clay–xenobiotic interactions

Journal Article published 25 Jan 2017 in Chemical and Biological Technologies in Agriculture volume 4 issue 1

Research funded by Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (Discovery) | Krembil Foundation (Research Grant)

Authors: Ronald Soong, Adolfo Botana, Jasmine Wang, Hashim Farooq, Denis Courtier-Murias, Andre Simpson

Science-technology-industry correlative indicators for policy targeting on emerging technologies: exploring the core competencies and promising industries of aspirant economies

Journal Article published 6 Mar 2017 in Scientometrics volume 111 issue 2 on pages 841 to 867

Research funded by Universiti Malaya (MY) (Pastuer's Quadrant for Faculty Development: Exploring the Knowledge Base)

Authors: Chan-Yuan Wong, Hon-Ngen Fung

Knowledgeable Cyberbrokers for electronic markets

Journal Article published Sep 1998 in Personal Technologies volume 2 issue 3 on pages 200 to 211

Authors: Fawzi Daoud

Special issue WaferBond’13

Journal Article published 27 Feb 2015 in Microsystem Technologies volume 21 issue 5 on pages 951 to 951

Authors: Roy Knechtel, Frank Niklaus, Bernd Michel

International Conference on High Aspect-Ratio Microstructure Technology HARMST '95

Journal Article published May 1996 in Microsystem Technologies volume 2 issue 2 on pages 39 to 39

Authors: P. Bley, W. Menz, H. O. Moser

International Conference on High Aspect-Ratio Microstructure Technology HARMST ’95

Journal Article published Mar 1995 in Microsystem Technologies volume 2 issue 1 on pages 39 to 39

Authors: P. Bley, W. Menz, H. O. Moser