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A new tool for rural development: Truffle cultivation

Journal Article published Jun 2007 in Cereal Research Communications volume 35 issue 2 on pages 413 to 416

Authors: Andrea Gógán Csorbainé, Zoltán Bratek, Judit Dimény

Inheritance of evolved resistance to a novel herbicide (pyroxasulfone)

Journal Article published Mar 2014 in Plant Science volume 217-218 on pages 127 to 134

Research funded by Grains Research and Development Corporation of Australia (GRDC) | Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation | Australian Research Council Linkage Grant (LP 0882758) | Kumiai Chemical Co.

Authors: Roberto Busi, Todd A. Gaines, Martin M. Vila-Aiub, Stephen B. Powles

Effects of Cordyceps militaris on the growth of rumen microorganisms and in vitro rumen fermentation with respect to methane emissions

Journal Article published Nov 2014 in Journal of Dairy Science volume 97 issue 11 on pages 7065 to 7075

Research funded by Bio-industry Technology Development Program of Food & Rural Affairs in Ministry of Agriculture (Sejong, Korea) | Cooperative Research Program for Agriculture Science & Technology Development of Rural Development Administration (Jeonju, Korea)

Authors: W.Y. Kim, M.D. Hanigan, S.J. Lee, S.M. Lee, D.H. Kim, J.H. Hyun, J.M. Yeo, S.S. Lee

Defining the RNA-binding glycine-rich (RBG) gene superfamily: new insights into nomenclature, phylogeny, and evolutionary trends obtained by genome-wide comparative analysis of Arabidopsis, Chinese cabbage, rice and maize genomes

Journal Article published 30 Jun 2015 in Molecular Genetics and Genomics volume 290 issue 6 on pages 2279 to 2295

Research funded by Rural Development Administration (PJ01116603, PJ01002503, Postdoctoral Fellowship Program)

Authors: Panneerselvam Krishnamurthy, Jin A Kim, Mi-Jeong Jeong, Chang Ho Kang, Soo In Lee

Breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis) gibberellin 2-oxidase genes in stem elongation and abiotic stress response

Journal Article published Jan 2016 in Plant Physiology and Biochemistry volume 98 on pages 81 to 88

Research funded by Pacific Agribusiness Research for Development Initiative (PARDI) | HORT (2014/077)

Authors: Yuchan Zhou, Steven J.R. Underhill

Pythium aphanidermatumCausing Pythium Rot onLampranthus spectabilisin Korea

Journal Article published 3 Sep 2015 in Journal of Phytopathology volume 164 issue 7-8 on pages 567 to 570

Research funded by Cooperative Research Program for Agriculture Science & Technology Development (PJ00850403) | Rural Development Administration, Republic of Korea | National Research Foundation of Korea

Authors: Mi-Jeong Park, Kyung-Sook Han, Jin-Won Kim, Ji-Hyun Park, Hyeon-Dong Shin

Multiple host shifts by the emerging honeybee parasite,Varroa jacobsoni

Journal Article published 22 Apr 2015 in Molecular Ecology volume 24 issue 10 on pages 2379 to 2391

Research funded by Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation

Authors: J. M. K. Roberts, D. L. Anderson, W. T. Tay

82. The productivity imperative—research and its contribution to the competitiveness of rural industries

Journal Article published 2003 in Reproduction, Fertility and Development volume 15 issue 9 on page 82

Authors: Paul Donnelly

Genome-wide exonic small interference RNA-mediated gene silencing regulates sexual reproduction in the homothallic fungus Fusarium graminearum

Journal Article published 1 Feb 2017 in PLOS Genetics volume 13 issue 2 on page e1006595

Research funded by National Research Foundation of Korea (2013R1A6A3A0405912) | Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (916006-2) | Rural Development Administration (PJ01085602)

Authors: Hokyoung Son, Ae Ran Park, Jae Yun Lim, Chanseok Shin, Yin-Won Lee

Editors: Michael Freitag

Poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation is involved in pro-survival autophagy in porcine blastocysts

Journal Article published 19 Oct 2015 in Molecular Reproduction and Development volume 83 issue 1 on pages 37 to 49

Research funded by Cooperative Research Program for Agriculture Science and Technology Development (PJ009333) | Rural Development Administration

Authors: Hye Ran Lee, Mukesh Kumar Gupta, Duk Hyeon Kim, Jeong Ho Hwang, Bumsup Kwon, Hoon Taek Lee