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Long-path absorption measurements of tropospheric NO2in rural New Zealand

Journal Article published Jan 1984 in Geophysical Research Letters volume 11 issue 1 on pages 69 to 72

Authors: P. V. Johnston, R. L. McKenzie

Measurements of H2O2and HNO3in rural air

Journal Article published May 1979 in Geophysical Research Letters volume 6 issue 5 on pages 375 to 378

Authors: Thomas J. Kelly, Donald H. Stedman, Gregory L. Kok

Global rural temperature trends

Journal Article published 1 Feb 1999 in Geophysical Research Letters volume 26 issue 3 on pages 329 to 332

Authors: Thomas C. Peterson, Kevin P. Gallo, Jay Lawrimore, Timothy W. Owen, Alex Huang, David A. McKittrick

Importance of dew in controlling the air-surface exchange of HONO in rural forested environments

Journal Article published 2006 in Geophysical Research Letters volume 33 issue 2

Authors: Yi He, Xianliang Zhou, Jian Hou, Honglian Gao, Steven B. Bertman

Altitude development of postmidnightFregion field-aligned irregularities observed using Equatorial Atmosphere Radar in Indonesia

Journal Article published 13 Feb 2016 in Geophysical Research Letters volume 43 issue 3 on pages 1015 to 1022

Research funded by Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (25302007, 15H02135, 15H05815) | Leadership Development Program for Space Exploration and Research, Nagoya University

Authors: Tam Dao, Yuichi Otsuka, Kazuo Shiokawa, S. Tulasi Ram, Mamoru Yamamoto

Radiation Weakens Idealized Midlatitude Cyclones

Journal Article published 23 Mar 2018 in Geophysical Research Letters volume 45 issue 6 on pages 2833 to 2841

Research funded by German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) | FONA: Research for Sustainable Development (01LK1509A)

Authors: Sophia A. K. Schäfer, Aiko Voigt

Bed load transport monitoring using seismic observations in a low-gradient rural gravel bed stream

Journal Article published 9 Apr 2015 in Geophysical Research Letters volume 42 issue 7 on pages 2294 to 2301

Research funded by National Research Fund, Luxembourg (BEDLOAD C11/SR/1158445)

Authors: Julien Barrière, Adrien Oth, Renaud Hostache, Andreas Krein

Glacierized headwater streams as aquifer recharge corridors, subarctic Alaska

Journal Article published 15 Jul 2017 in Geophysical Research Letters volume 44 issue 13 on pages 6876 to 6885

Research funded by Alaska University Transportation Center | Department of Defence, SERDP (RC-2110) | Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities | Engineer Research and Development Center | Department of Defense's Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (RC-2110) | Engineer Research and Development Center's Center Directed Research and Army Basic Research (6.1) programs | Pacific Northwest Transportation Consortium | National Institutes for Water Resources | Arctic System Science Program (National Science Foundation (1304905) | Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy | USGS Climate Research and Development Program | U.S. Geological Survey | National Science Foundation (1304905)

Authors: A. K. Liljedahl, A. Gädeke, S. O'Neel, T. A. Gatesman, T. A. Douglas

Factors responsible for the vertical development of tropical oceanic cumulus convection

Journal Article published Jun 2004 in Geophysical Research Letters volume 31 issue 11 on pages n/a to n/a

Authors: Tetsuya Takemi, Osamu Hirayama, Changhai Liu

Development of a strong shock in the outer heliosphere

Journal Article published Apr 2002 in Geophysical Research Letters volume 29 issue 8 on pages 22-1 to 22-4

Authors: C. Wang, J. D. Richardson