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Research in Rural Sociology and Development: A Research Annual, Vol. 4: Rural Labor Markets.

Journal Article published Jul 1990 in Contemporary Sociology volume 19 issue 4 on page 556

Authors: Donald Tomaskovic-Devey, William Falk, Thomas Lyson

Rural Lodging Establishments as Drivers of Rural Development

Journal Article published 15 Mar 2013 in Journal of Travel Research volume 53 issue 1 on pages 83 to 95

Authors: Rosa M. Hernández-Maestro, Óscar González-Benito

National Rural Tourism Development Foundation Established

Journal Article published Jul 1993 in Journal of Travel Research volume 32 issue 1 on pages 62 to 62

Recreation Systems Development: A Rural Communities Model. Patrick T. Long, and Barbara E. Kraus. Center for Rural Recreation Research and Development, College of Business and Administration, University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, Colorado 80309. 1987. 155p. $25

Journal Article published Jul 1987 in Journal of Travel Research volume 26 issue 1 on pages 42 to 42

Book Review: Gender, Class and Rural Transition: Agribusiness and the Food Crisis in Senegal

Journal Article published Sep 1991 in Review of Radical Political Economics volume 23 issue 3-4 on pages 319 to 321

Authors: Laura T. Raynolds

Rural Brazil during the Lula Administrations

Journal Article published 6 Jan 2017 in Latin American Perspectives on page 0094582X1668517

Authors: Sérgio Sauer

Contract Farming and McKinsey’s Plan for Transforming Agriculture into Agribusiness in West Bengal

Journal Article published 28 Nov 2014 in Journal of South Asian Development volume 9 issue 3 on pages 235 to 251

Authors: Swagato Sarkar

Infrastructure and Development in Rural India

Journal Article published Aug 2017 in Margin: The Journal of Applied Economic Research volume 11 issue 3 on pages 256 to 289

Authors: Madhusudan Ghosh

Collaborative enquiry, action research, and curriculum development in rural China

Journal Article published Sep 2006 in Action Research volume 4 issue 3 on pages 333 to 350

Authors: Peidong Li, Moira Laidlaw

Critical reflections on participatory action research for rural development in Iran

Journal Article published Jun 2007 in Action Research volume 5 issue 2 on pages 103 to 122

Authors: Bagher Kamali

Book Review: Maitrayee Mukerji, ICTs and Development: A Study of Telecentres in Rural IndiaMukerjiMaitrayee, ICTs and Development: A Study of Telecentres in Rural India. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013, £65.83, pp. 280, ISBN 9781137005533.

Journal Article published Apr 2014 in International Journal of Rural Management volume 10 issue 1 on pages 87 to 89

Authors: Atanu Bhattacharya

Book Review: Rural Development Policy: What Future for Rural Ireland?ReynoldsBrigid and HealySéan J. (eds), Rural Development Policy: What Future for Rural Ireland?Dublin: Conference of Major Religious Superiors; 111pp, £5.

Journal Article published May 1991 in Irish Journal of Sociology volume 1 issue 1 on pages 178 to 181

Authors: Diarmuid Ó Cearbhaill

Book Review: Reality in Rural Development Aid.Reality in Rural Development Aid. Editor: ØrskovE.R.. Rowett Research Services Limited, Aberdeen, UK. 1993. £8.00. ISBN 0-9529688-0-X.

Journal Article published Mar 1994 in Outlook on Agriculture volume 23 issue 1 on pages 70 to 70

Authors: D. Thomas

WHO PROGRAMME FOR ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH IN RURAL AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING. By R. Novick, Responsible Officer, Environmental Health in Rural and Urban Development and Housing, Division of Environmental Health. Published by World Health Organization, 1211, Geneva 27-Switzerland

Journal Article published Jan 1989 in Waste Management & Research volume 7 issue 1 on pages 377 to 378

Politics of Development

Journal Article published 21 Jun 2017 in Journal of Land and Rural Studies volume 5 issue 2 on pages 164 to 182

Authors: Pallav Karmakar

China's Rural Enterprises: A Key to Rural Development

Journal Article published Feb 1993 in China Report volume 29 issue 1 on pages 43 to 47

Authors: Jiao Fujun

Searching for Rural Development: Labor Migration and Employment in Rural Mexico.

Journal Article published Jul 1989 in Contemporary Sociology volume 18 issue 4 on page 580

Authors: Francisco Alba, Merilee S. Grindle

Water, Equity and Development

Journal Article published Jan 2007 in International Journal of Rural Management volume 3 issue 1 on pages 1 to 25

Authors: Sanjiv J. Phansalkar

Women's Perspectives on the Rural Crisis and Priorities for Rural Development

Journal Article published Dec 1992 in Affilia volume 7 issue 4 on pages 65 to 81

Authors: Marie D. Hoff

Information technology and rural development

Journal Article published Jul 2004 in Progress in Development Studies volume 4 issue 3 on pages 230 to 244

Authors: Caspian Richards