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Un voyage d’études aux États-Unis en 1933, à l’origine de la vocation d’économiste de Maurice Allais

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 October 2020 in Bulletin de la Sabix

Authors: Christine Allais

Allais Paradox

REFERENCE ENTRY published 2013 in Encyclopedia of Philosophy and the Social Sciences

First-price auctions, Dutch auctions, and buy-it-now prices with Allais paradox bidders

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2011 in Theoretical Economics

Authors: Daisuke Nakajima

Allais Paradox

BOOK CHAPTER published in The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, 2012 Version

Expected Utility Hypotheses and the Allais Paradox.

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 1981 in Journal of Money, Credit and Banking

Authors: Rubin Saposnik | Maurice Allais | Ole Hagen


MONOGRAPH published 2004

Authors: Daniel Grojnowski

Expected Utility Hypotheses and the Allais Paradox.

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 1984 in Journal of the American Statistical Association

Authors: Glenn R. Shafer | Maurice Allais | Ole Hagen

Manifest Reality

MONOGRAPH published 1 September 2015

Authors: Lucy Allais


BOOK CHAPTER published in The Routledge Companion to Metaphysics

Authors: Lucy Allais

Endonasal mucosal contact points in chronic migraine

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2014 in Neurological Sciences

Authors: V. Ferrero | G. Allais | S. Rolando | T. Pozzo | R. Allais | C. Benedetto

Absolute Satisfaction

BOOK CHAPTER published 1994 in Cardinalism

Authors: Maurice Allais

Trimethylsilylmethylboronic Acid

REFERENCE ENTRY published in Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis

Authors: Christophe Allais


BOOK CHAPTER published 2 April 2009 in The Routledge Companion to Metaphysics

Authors: Lucy Allais


BOOK published 1994

Editors: Maurice Allais | Ole Hagen

Book Symposium on Lucy Allais' Manifest Reality: Kant's Idealism and His Realism An Overview

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2016 in European Journal of Philosophy

Authors: Lucy Allais

Ever since Allais

REPORT published 14 June 2021

Authors: Matthew Polisson | John Quah | Aluma Dembo | Shachar Kariv


BOOK CHAPTER published 2004 in Comiques

Authors: Daniel Grojnowski

The real foundations of the alleged errors in Allais' Impossibility Theorem: Unceasingly repeated errors or contradictions of mark machina

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 1995 in Theory and Decision

Authors: Maurice Allais


OTHER published 26 March 2010 in Handbook of Meat Processing

Authors: Irene Allais

Knowledge, Curriculum, and Preparation for Work

EDITED BOOK published 29 March 2018

Editors: Stephanie Allais | Yael Shalem