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SCARLET – A European Effort to Develop HTS and MgB2 Based MVDC Cables

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2024 in IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity

Research funded by European Commission (101075602)

Authors: Niklas Magnusson | Arnaud Allais | Giuliano Angeli | Grégory Bouvier | Christian E. Bruzek | José Candido | Christophe Creusot | Marte Gammelsæter | Erik Garofalo | Fedor Gömöry | Eoin Hodge | Stéphane Holé | Adela Marian | Antonio Morandi | Wolfgang Reiser | Beate West

SuperRail–World-First HTS Cable to be Installed on a Railway Network in France

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2024 in IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity

Authors: Arnaud Allais | Jean-Maxime Saugrain | Beate West | Nicolas Lallouet | Hervé Caron | David Ferandelle | Louise Terrien | Grégory Bouvier | Gabriel Hajiri | Kévin Berger | Loïc Quéval

Liquid-liquid extraction of sinapic acid from a mustard seed by-product using a hollow fiber membrane contactor

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2024 in Separation and Purification Technology

Authors: Valentin Reungoat | Morad Chadni | Louis M.M. Mouterde | Fanny Brunissen | Florent Allais | Hélène Ducatel | Irina Ioannou

Mannose-coupled AAV2: A second-generation AAV vector for increased retinal gene therapy efficiency

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2024 in Molecular Therapy - Methods & Clinical Development

Authors: Mathieu Mével | Virginie Pichard | Mohammed Bouzelha | Dimitri Alvarez-Dorta | Pierre-Alban Lalys | Nathalie Provost | Marine Allais | Alexandra Mendes | Elodie Landagaray | Jean-Baptiste Ducloyer | Estelle Toublanc | Anne Galy | Nicole Brument | Gaëlle M. Lefevre | Sébastien G. Gouin | Carolina Isiegas | Guylène Le Meur | Thérèse Cronin | Caroline Le Guiner | Michel Weber | Philippe Moullier | Eduard Ayuso | David Deniaud | Oumeya Adjali

Deciphering the enzymatic grafting of vanillin onto lignosulfonate for the production of versatile aldehydes-bearing biomaterials

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2024 in International Journal of Biological Macromolecules

Authors: Damien Breilly | Stéphane Dumarçay | Vincent Froidevaux | Pascal Boustingorry | Sami Fadlallah | Florent Allais

Immobilization of Adenosine Derivatives onto Cellulose Nanocrystals via Click Chemistry for Biocatalysis Applications

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 23 February 2024 in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

Authors: Célestin Bourgery | David Joram Mendoza | Gil Garnier | Louis M. M. Mouterde | Florent Allais

Salinity, mineralogy, porosity, and hydrodynamics as drivers of carbon burial in urban mangroves from a megacity

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 2024 in Science of The Total Environment

Authors: Laetitia Allais | Benoit Thibodeau | Nicole S. Khan | Sean A. Crowe | Stefano Cannicci | Christelle Not

Variant calling and genotyping accuracy of ddRAD-seq: comparison with 20X WGS in layers


Authors: Mathilde Doublet | Fabien Degalez | Sandrine Lagarrigue | Laetitia Lagoutte | Elise Gueret | Sophie Allais | Frédéric Lecerf

Early Process Development of Two Vanin-1 Inhibitors: Solid Form Challenges and Control of Ambident Reactivity

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 26 January 2024 in Organic Process Research & Development

Authors: Christophe Allais | Agustin Casimiro-Garcia | Amelie Dion | Andrew J. Jensen | Nandell Keene | Rajesh Kumar | Bryan Li | Manjinder S. Lall | J. Christopher McWilliams | Geoffrey P. F. Wood | Stephen W. Wright | Shu Yu

The dynamics of conformal Hamiltonian flows: dissipativity and conservativity

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 24 January 2024 in Revista Matemática Iberoamericana

Authors: Simon Allais | Marie-Claude Arnaud

Pareto Efficiency from Lausanne to the United States: The Role of Maurice Allais

BOOK CHAPTER published 19 January 2024 in Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology: Including a Symposium on John Kenneth Galbraith: Economic Structures and Policies for the Twenty-first Century

Authors: Irène Berthonnet

Scoped and Typed Staging by Evaluation

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE published 11 January 2024 in Proceedings of the 2024 ACM SIGPLAN International Workshop on Partial Evaluation and Program Manipulation

Authors: Guillaume Allais

The shifting powers of educational knowledge: power relations between sociology and economics of education

BOOK CHAPTER published 10 January 2024 in Towards Powerful Educational Knowledge

Authors: Stephanie Allais | Yael Shalem

Barbara Herman (2022) The Moral Habitat. Oxford: Oxford University Press. pp. 272. ISBN 9780192896353 (hbk) $41.99

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 8 January 2024 in Kantian Review

Authors: Lucy Allais

Sugar-Based Tax Design for Healthier Consumption: Empirical Evidence in the French Dessert Market


Authors: Céline Bonnet | Olivier Allais | Spiteri Marine | Vincent Réquillart | Tranchard Maxime

Sustainable mechanosynthesis of diamide tetraols monomers and their enzymatic polymerization

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2024 in Green Chemistry

Authors: Chloé Herrlé | Sami Fadlallah | Sylvestre Toumieux | Anne Wadouachi | Florent Allais

Design and Economic Analysis of 275 kV HTS Cable for UK Transmission Network

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2024 in IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity

Authors: Weijia Yuan | Pavan Chaganti | Qiteng Hong | Kevin Kawal | Min Zhang | David Maclennan | Allison Strachan | K Ward | Lewis Baxter | Jean-Maxime Saugrain | Arnaud Allais | Nicolas Lallouet | Anne Pochylski | Beate West | Richard Gardner | Vidyadhar Peesapati | Mike Ross | Loukas Douvaras | Sean Coleman | Nick Devine

Can synthetic biology really empower microbial biopolymers as efficient food contact materials?

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2024 in Trends in Food Science & Technology

Research funded by European Commission (1032 17/06/2022022,CN00000022)

Authors: Muhammad Rehan Khan | Elena Torrieri | Florent Allais | Sami Fadlallah

Economy and Interest

MONOGRAPH published 2024

Authors: Maurice Allais | John Stephen Daly

HTS Cable and Protection System Study for UK's 275 kV Transmission Network

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2024 in IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity

Authors: Pavan Chaganti | Kevin Kawal | Qiteng Hong | Weijia Yuan | Min Zhang | Arnaud Allais | Jean-Maxime Saugrain | Anne Pochylski | Beate West | Nicolas Lallouet | Mike Ross | Sean Coleman