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TiO 2 ZnO photocatalysts synthesized by sol–gel auto-ignition technique for hydrogen production

Journal Article published Feb 2017 in International Journal of Hydrogen Energy volume 42 issue 8 on pages 5016 to 5025

Research funded by King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (PGP-33-70)

Authors: Sulaiman I. Al-Mayman, Meshal S. Al-Johani, Mohamed Mokhtar Mohamed, Yousef S. Al-Zeghayer, Shahid M. Ramay, Abdulrahman S. Al-Awadi, Moustafa A. Soliman

Polythiophene/ZnO nanocomposite-modified glassy carbon electrode as efficient electrochemical hydrazine sensor

Journal Article published Aug 2018 in Materials Chemistry and Physics volume 214 on pages 126 to 134

Research funded by Ministry of Education, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (PCSED-007-16) | Promising Centre for Sensors and Electronic Devices (PCSED) at Najran University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia | Deanship of Scientific Research at King Khalid University (R.G.P.2/5/38)

Authors: M. Faisal, Farid A. Harraz, A.E. Al-Salami, S.A. Al-Sayari, A. Al-Hajry, M.S. Al-Assiri

Synthesis, surface profile, nonlinear reflective index and photophysical properties of curcumin compound

Journal Article published 28 Apr 2018 in Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics volume 29 issue 13 on pages 10890 to 10903

Authors: Hussain Ali Badran, Ahmed Al-Maliki, R. K. Fakher Alfahed, Bahjat Ali Saeed, A. Y. Al-Ahmad, F. A. Al-Saymari, Rita S. Elias

Optical and magnetic studies of Fe3O4/Au Core/Shell nanocomposites

Journal Article published 13 Jun 2018 in International Journal of Nanoscience

Authors: Al-Sayed A. M. Al-Sherbini, Gamal El-Ghannam, Hesham Yehya, O. Aied Nassef

Structures and Thermodynamic Stability of Cobalt Molybdenum Oxide (CoMoO 4 -II)

Journal Article published Jun 2018 in Surface Science

Authors: Ibrahem S. Altarawneh, Saleh E. Rawadieh, Mohammad A. Batiha, Leema A. Al-Makhadmeh, Mouath A Al-Shaweesh, Mohammednoor K. Altarawneh

Microarchitected Stretching-Dominated Mechanical Metamaterials with Minimal Surface Topologies

Journal Article published 13 Jun 2018 in Advanced Engineering Materials on page 1800029

Authors: Oraib Al-Ketan, Rachid Rezgui, Reza Rowshan, Huifeng Du, Nicholas X. Fang, Rashid K. Abu Al-Rub

Primary Al Grain Size Measurement of Al–Si Hypo-Eutectic Alloy Using Mathematical Morphology Algorithms

Journal Article published 2018 in MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS

Authors: Yan Xu, Naoya Hirata, Koichi Anzai

In x Al 1–x N/Al 0.53 Ga 0.47 N multiple quantum wells on Al 0.5 Ga 0.5 N buffer with variable in-plane lattice parameter

Journal Article published Feb 2018 in Journal of Luminescence volume 194 on pages 797 to 802

Research funded by SFI (SFI/10/IN.1/I2993, SFI/07/EN/E001A)

Authors: Vitaly Z. Zubialevich, Mikalai V. Rzheutski, Haoning Li, Thomas C. Sadler, Shahab N. Alam, Vipul Bhardwaj, Evgenii V. Lutsenko, Gennadii P. Yablonskii, Peter J. Parbrook

Electrodeposition of Al, Al-Li Alloy, and Li from an Al-Containing Solvate Ionic Liquid under Ambient Conditions

Journal Article published 2018 in Journal of The Electrochemical Society volume 165 issue 9 on pages D321 to D327

Research funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (No.50174071) | National Key RD Program of China (No.2017YFC0805101)

Authors: Baoguo Zhang, Zhongning Shi, Lingling Shen, Aimin Liu, Junli Xu, Xianwei Hu

Influence of anchoring of a pyrazoline dye 3-naphthyl-1-phenyl-5 (4-amino phenyl)-2-pyrazoline (NPAP) in manipulating the electronic and chemical properties of a graphene oxide via amidation: Synthesis, characterization and photophysics

Journal Article published Dec 2017 in Journal of Luminescence volume 192 on pages 527 to 533

Research funded by Sultan Qaboos University (CL/SQU-UAEU/13/03)

Authors: Beena Varghese, Salim H. Al-Harthi, Saleh N. Al-Busafi, FakhrEldin O. Suliman, Salma M.Z. Al-Kindy, Myo Tay Zar Myint