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Are We Missing Osteoporosis-Related Vertebral Fractures in Men?

Journal Article published 2011 in Asian Spine Journal volume 5 issue 2 on page 107

Authors: Mir Sadat-Ali, Abid Hussain Gullenpet, Haifa A. Al-Turki, Tamar W. AbdulRahman, Abdulmohsen H. Al-Elq, Mohammed Quamar Azzam, Hadia Al-Shammary, Abdallah S. Al-Omran, Abdallah A. Al-Othman

Modified obtuse-angled lateral exposure of the calcaneum

Journal Article published Jan 2004 in Foot and Ankle Surgery volume 10 issue 3 on pages 145 to 148

Authors: Tarek Hussain, Husain Al-Mutairi, Sabrine Al-Zamel, Waleed Al-Tunaib

Evaluation of radiological investigations in spinal tuberculosis

Journal Article published Jun 1992 in International Orthopaedics volume 16 issue 2 on pages 165 to 167

Authors: K. M. Al Arabi, M. W. Al Sebai, M. Al Chakaki

Osteomyelitis and septic arthritis in sickle cell disease in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia

Journal Article published Dec 1992 in International Orthopaedics volume 16 issue 4

Authors: A.H. Al-Salem, H.A. Ahmed, S. Qaisaruddin, A. Al-Jam'a, A.M. Elbashier, I. Al-Dabbous

A randomised clinical investigation into placing pain spot externally to crossing area of the two currents of interferential therapy on pain

Journal Article published Jul 2018 in Annals of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine volume 61 on page e103

Authors: A. Beatti, E. Al Zahrani, T. Al Qahtani, H. Al Saif, A. Khamis

Incidence of proximal femur fracture in an urbanized community in Saudi Arabia

Journal Article published Jun 1995 in Calcified Tissue International volume 56 issue 6 on pages 536 to 538

Authors: A. R. Al-Nuaim, M. Kremli, M. Al-Nuaim, S. Sandkgi

Genetic Markers for Idiopathic Scoliosis in Arab Population: A Pilot Study

Journal Article published 2009 in Asian Spine Journal volume 3 issue 2 on page 53

Authors: Abdallah S Al-Omran, Mir Sadat-Ali, Abdallah A Al-Othman

Answer to the Letter to the Editor of M. Ganau et al. concerning “Osteoporotic thoracolumbar compression fractures: long-term retrospective comparison between vertebroplasty and conservative treatment” by K. Martikos et al. [Eur Spine J (2018) doi: 10.1007/s00586-018-5605-1]

Journal Article published 6 Jun 2018 in European Spine Journal volume 27 issue 7 on pages 1664 to 1664

Authors: Konstantinos Martikos

Using Magnetic Resonance Myelography to Improve Interobserver Agreement in the Evaluation of Lumbar Spinal Canal Stenosis and Root Compression

Journal Article published 2017 in Asian Spine Journal volume 11 issue 2 on page 198

Authors: Haider Najim Al-Tameemi, Sattar Al-Essawi, Mahmud Shukri, Farah Kasim Naji

Editorial Notice: Re: Letter to the Editor. Substandard Studies or Substandard ‘Standard-of-Care.’ Sato et al. J Bone Miner Res. 2006;21:492. Response to Letter From Caffrey et al. J Bone Miner Res. 2006;21:491

Journal Article published 19 Apr 2017 in Journal of Bone and Mineral Research volume 32 issue 5 on pages 1151 to 1151