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Solving the Stress Problem for a Finite Cylinder by the Schwarz Method with Hybrid Approximations

Journal Article published Oct 2003 in International Applied Mechanics volume 39 issue 10 on pages 1173 to 1178

Authors: T. B. Berezyuk, Aleksandr Yaroslavovich Grigorenko, Ivan Ivanovich Dyyak

Identification Accuracy of Nonlinear System based on Volterra Model in Frequency Domain

Journal Article published 2013 in AASRI Procedia volume 4 on pages 297 to 305

Authors: Pavlenko Vitaliy, Fomin Aleksandr, Pavlenko Sergey, Grigorenko Yuriy

Conformationally rigid cyclic α-amino acids in the design of peptidomimetics, peptide models and biologically active compounds

Journal Article published 31 Aug 2004 in Russian Chemical Reviews volume 73 issue 8 on pages 785 to 810

Authors: Igor V Komarov, Aleksandr O Grigorenko, Aleksandr V Turov, Vladimir P Khilya

The Lives of Peter Grigorenko

Journal Article published Apr 1983 in Russian Review volume 42 issue 2 on page 197

Authors: Adam Ulam, Petro Grigorenko, Thomas P. Whitney, Petro Grigorenko

The Grigorenko Papers: Writings by General P. G. Grigorenko and Documents on His Case

Journal Article published Jun 1978 in The American Historical Review volume 83 issue 3 on page 775

Authors: Harvey Fireside, P. G. Grigorenko

Journal Article published 2001 in International Applied Mechanics volume 37 issue 6 on pages 778 to 783

Authors: Ya. M. Grigorenko, V. P. Nespryad'ko, A. Ya. Grigorenko, P. P. Topka

SRCD Oral History Interview: Ed Zigler Interviewed by Elena Grigorenko, August 28, 2003

Dataset published 2003 in PsycEXTRA Dataset

Authors: Elena Grigorenko

Petroleum Accumulation Zones on Continental Margins

Book published 8 Oct 2012

Authors: Yu. N. Grigorenko, G. V. Chilingar, V. S. Sobolev, T. A. Andiyeva, L. I. Zhukova


Chapter published in The Psychology of Abilities, Competencies, and Expertise on pages vii to x

Authors: Robert J. Sternberg, Elena L. Grigorenko

Editors: Robert J. Sternberg, Elena L. Grigorenko

The Grigorenko Papers: Writings by General P. G. Grigorenko and Documents on his Case

Journal Article published Apr 1977 in International Affairs volume 53 issue 2 on pages 312 to 313

Authors: Julian Birch