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Herbivory of native and exotic North-American prairie grasses by nymph Melanoplus grasshoppers

Journal Article published 15 Jan 2015 in Plant Ecology volume 216 issue 3 on pages 451 to 464

Authors: Alina Avanesyan, Theresa M. Culley

Plant DNA Detection from Grasshopper Guts: A Step-by-Step Protocol, from Tissue Preparation to Obtaining Plant DNA Sequences

Journal Article published Feb 2014 in Applications in Plant Sciences volume 2 issue 2 on page 1300082

Authors: Alina Avanesyan

Feeding preferences ofMelanoplus femurrubrumgrasshoppers on native and exotic grasses: behavioral and molecular approaches

Journal Article published 4 Oct 2015 in Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata volume 157 issue 2 on pages 152 to 163

Research funded by University of Cincinnati

Authors: Alina Avanesyan, Theresa M. Culley

Should I Eat or Should I Go? Acridid Grasshoppers and Their Novel Host Plants: Potential for Biotic Resistance

Journal Article published 7 Oct 2018 in Plants volume 7 issue 4 on page 83

Authors: Alina Avanesyan

Isolating Spermathecae and Determining Mating Status of Drosophila suzukii: A Protocol for Tissue Dissection and Its Applications

Journal Article published 10 Mar 2017 in Insects volume 8 issue 1 on page 32

Authors: Alina Avanesyan, Benjamin Jaffe, Christelle Guédot

Non-equilibrium steady states of holographic gratings

Conference Paper published 31 Dec 1899 in Photonics and Micro- and Nano-structured Materials 2011

Authors: Gagik T. Avanesyan, Gagik T. Avanesyan

Editors: Rafael K. Drampyan, Rafael K. Drampyan

Micro-spatial distribution of two sibling periwinkle species across the intertidal indicates hybrdization

Journal Article published 26 Jul 2013 in Genetica volume 141 issue 7-9 on pages 293 to 301

Authors: Andrei I. Granovitch, Alexei N. Maximovich, Alina V. Avanesyan, Zinaida I. Starunova, Natalia A. Mikhailova

Tolerance of native and exotic prairie grasses to herbivory byMelanoplusgrasshoppers: application of a nondestructive method for estimating plant biomass changes as a response to herbivory

Journal Article published 7 Dec 2016 in The Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society volume 144 issue 1 on pages 15 to 25

Authors: Alina Avanesyan, Theresa M. Culley

An Empirical Review: Characteristics of Plant Microsatellite Markers that Confer Higher Levels of Genetic Variation

Journal Article published Aug 2015 in Applications in Plant Sciences volume 3 issue 8 on page 1500025

Authors: Benjamin J. Merritt, Theresa M. Culley, Alina Avanesyan, Richard Stokes, Jessica Brzyski

Journal Article published 2001 in Pharmaceutical Chemistry Journal volume 35 issue 2 on pages 99 to 100

Authors: A. A. Avanesyan, A. V. Simonyan

Strategy to Develop the Psycological Criteria for Staff Selection

Journal Article published 1 Dec 2013 in WISDOM volume 1 issue 1 on page 156

Authors: Hrant Avanesyan

Relaxation properties of a metal–chalcogenide glassy semiconductor

Journal Article published Nov 1997 in Semiconductors volume 31 issue 11 on page 1155

Authors: V. T. Avanesyan

Medical opportunities and social risks of dental implantology

Monograph published 2015

Authors: R. A. Avanesyan, N. N. Sedova

Variability Of Personality: The Study Of Ordinary Consciousness Concepts

Conference Paper published 29 Oct 2018

Authors: Natalia Grishina, Marina Avanesyan, Victoria Manukyan, Inna Murtazina

Journal Article published 2001 in Glass Physics and Chemistry volume 27 issue 3 on pages 284 to 285

Authors: V.T. Avanesyan, N.I. Anisimova, V.A. Bordovskii, E.V Bursian, R.A Castro, V.P Solomin, S.D. Khanin

Bilobar stenting for tumors of the intrahepatic bile ducts

Journal Article published 2 Jul 2015 in Malignant tumours issue 2 on page 46


Convection of Moist Saturated Air: Analytical Study

Journal Article published 5 Jan 2016 in Atmosphere volume 7 issue 1 on page 8

Authors: Robert Zakinyan, Arthur Zakinyan, Roman Ryzhkov, Kristina Avanesyan

Dielectric relaxation of a new metal containing films of poly-[CumSalpn-1.3]

Conference Paper published Aug 2011 in 2011 - 14th International Symposium on Electrets

Authors: V. Avanesyan, E. Vodkailo

Photodielectric Effect

Entry published 27 Dec 1999 in Wiley Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Authors: Vachagan T. Avanesyan, Gennadii A. Bordovskii, Sergei A. Potachov

Electrical properties of Pb/sub 3/O/sub 4/ photoelectret layers

Conference Paper published in 9th International Symposium on Electrets (ISE 9) Proceedings

Authors: V. Avanesyan, G. Bordovskii, S. Potachov