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A new species of the lichen genus Parmotrema from Argentina (Parmeliaceae, Ascomycota)

Journal Article published 30 Dec 2014 in Phytotaxa volume 191 issue 1 on page 172

Authors: Silvia Andrea Michlig, Lidia Itatí Ferraro, John Elix

El género Heterodermia (Physciaceae, Lecanorales) en la reserva de biosfera Yaboty (Misiones, Argentina).

Journal Article published 20 Apr 2018 in Boletín de la Sociedad Argentina de Botánica volume 53 issue 1 on page 9

Authors: Maria Ines Sarlej, Andrea Michlig, Lidia I. Ferraro

New record and distribution map of Parmotrema rubifaciens (Parmeliaceae, Ascomycota) in the Neotropics

Journal Article published 8 Oct 2015 in Check List volume 11 issue 5 on page 1763

Authors: Silvia Andrea Michlig, María Pía Rodriguez, Lidia Itatí Ferraro

New species and additional records of Coenogonium (Ostropales: Coenogoniaceae) from southern South America

Journal Article published 24 Jun 2013 in The Lichenologist volume 45 issue 04 on pages 497 to 504

Authors: Lidia I. FERRARO, Andrea MICHLIG

Phylogenetic analyses support the recent placement of Canoparmelia scrobicularis into Crespoa (Parmeliaceae, lichenized Ascomycota)

Journal Article published 1 Nov 2017 in Nova Hedwigia volume 105 issue 3 on pages 529 to 537

Authors: Andrea Michlig, E.M. Sara Moreno, Viviana G. Solís Neffa

Range extension of Relicina subabstrusa (Parmeliaceae, lichenized Ascomycota) in Argentina and its distribution pattern in the Neotropics

Journal Article published 22 Sep 2017 in Check List volume 13 issue 5 on pages 461 to 466

Authors: Andrea Michlig, Michel Navarro Benatti

Revision of the genusBulbothrix(Parmeliaceae, Lichenized Ascomycota) in NE Argentina, with a Key to the Species

Journal Article published Jun 2015 in Cryptogamie, Mycologie volume 36 issue 2 on pages 177 to 192

Authors: Andrea Michlig, Michel N. Benatti

First record of Macrocybe titans (Tricholomataceae, Basidiomycota) in Argentina

Journal Article published 28 Jul 2017 in Check List volume 13 issue 4 on pages 153 to 158

Authors: Natalia A Ramirez, Nicolás Niveiro, Andrea Michlig, Orlando Popoff

TAP block - or femoral nerve block?

Journal Article published 11 Jul 2013 in Anaesthesia volume 68 issue 8 on pages 866 to 866

Authors: S. Michlig, G. Walker

Chapter-064 Ptosis

Chapter published 2015 in Master Techniques in Ophthalmic Surgery on pages 407 to 416

Authors: Roxana Rivera-Michlig, Uma Sachdeva