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Poiesis poieseos

Monograph published 1 Jan 1997

Authors: Mark Andreas Seiler


Chapter published 2005 in Markenmanagement in der Motorradindustrie on pages 201 to 218

Authors: Andreas Seiler

Wildlife Deterrent Methods for Railways—An Experimental Study

Chapter published 2017 in Railway Ecology on pages 277 to 291

Authors: Andreas Seiler, Mattias Olsson

Journal Article published 2001 in Catalysis Letters volume 74 issue 1/2 on pages 61 to 68

Authors: Michael Hunger, Michael Seiler, Andreas Buchholz

Road mortality in Swedish mammals: results of a drivers' questionnaire

Journal Article published Jan 2004 in Wildlife Biology volume 10 issue 1 on pages 225 to 233

Authors: Andreas Seiler, J-O. Helldin, Christiane Seiler

ChemInform Abstract: Diastereoselective Photocyclization to Dihydroindolinols.

Journal Article published 11 Jun 2010 in ChemInform volume 31 issue 3 on pages no to no

Authors: Martin Seiler, Andreas Schumacher, Ute Lindemann, Frederique Barbosa, Bernd Giese


Journal Article published 9 Feb 2010 in Intensivmedizin up2date volume 6 issue 02 on pages 133 to 149

Authors: Phillip Knebel, Alexander Schellhaaß, Andreas Walther, Christoph Seiler

Greener transport infrastructure – IENE 2014 International Conference

Journal Article published 28 Jul 2015 in Nature Conservation volume 11 on pages 5 to 12

Authors: Andreas Seiler, Jan-Olof Helldin

Komplikationen der photorefraktiven Keratektomie zur Myopiekorrektur

Journal Article published Oct 1998 in Der Ophthalmologe volume 95 issue 10 on pages 734 to 740

Authors: Andreas Quurke, Heike Schmidt-Petersen, Theo Seiler

Diastereoselective Photocyclization to Dihydroindolinols

Journal Article published 31 Dec 1999 in Synlett volume 1999 issue 10 on pages 1588 to 1590

Authors: Martin Seiler, Andreas Schumacher, Ute Lindemann, Frédérique Barbosa, Bernd Giese