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Flora vascolare della Riserva Naturale Monte Rufeno (Viterbo, Italia centrale)

Journal Article published Jan 2000 in Webbia volume 54 issue 2 on pages 207 to 270

Authors: Anna Scoppola

Cytological status of Viola kitaibeliana (Section Melanium, Violaceae) in Europe

Journal Article published 16 Dec 2015 in Phytotaxa volume 238 issue 3 on page 288

Authors: Sara Magrini, Anna Scoppola

Variability of pollen aperture heteromorphism in annual pansies (Viola Section Melanium)

Journal Article published 1 Mar 2015 in Acta Botanica Croatica volume 74 issue 1 on pages 43 to 52

Authors: Sara Magrini, Anna Scoppola

On diffusion limited deposition

Journal Article published 2016 in Electronic Journal of Probability volume 21 issue 0

Authors: Amine Asselah, Emilio N.M. Cirillo, Benedetto Scoppola, Elisabetta Scoppola

Applications of a graph related to conjugacy classes in finite groups

Journal Article published Feb 1992 in Archiv der Mathematik volume 58 issue 2 on pages 126 to 132

Authors: Mariagrazia Bianchi, David Chillag, Anna Gillio Berta Mauri, Marcel Herzog, Carlo M. Scoppola

Agravitropic Growth of the Early Leaves of Apogamous Sporophytes of Dryopteris tyrrhena

Journal Article published Apr 2012 in American Fern Journal volume 102 issue 2 on pages 181 to 183

Authors: Sara Magrini, Anna Scoppola

Distribution and taxonomy of the Italian clovers belonging to Trifolium sect. Vesicastrum subsect. Mystillus (Fabaceae)

Journal Article published 14 Oct 2016 in Italian Botanist volume 2 on pages 7 to 27

Authors: Anna Scoppola, Edda Lattanzi, Liliana Bernardo

Recovery of Viable Germplasm from Herbarium Specimens of Osmunda regalis L.

Journal Article published Jul 2010 in American Fern Journal volume 100 issue 3 on pages 159 to 166

Authors: Sara Magrini, Cristina Olmati, Silvano Onofri, Anna Scoppola

Sull'uso delle forme biologiche nella classificazione fitosociologica e nella verifica sintassonomica di alcuni aspetti degli xerobrometi appenninici

Journal Article published Jul 1981 in Giornale botanico italiano volume 115 issue 4-5 on pages 197 to 209

Authors: Carlo Blasi, Anna Scoppola

ViolasectionMelanium(Violaceae) in Italy. New data on morphology ofViola tricolor-Group

Journal Article published Jan 2012 in Webbia volume 67 issue 1 on pages 47 to 64

Authors: Anna Scoppola, Edda Lattanzi