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Two new records of flowering plants from Lesotho

Journal Article published 24 Feb 2017 in Bothalia volume 47 issue 1

Authors: Khotso Kobisi, Lerato S. Kose, Annah Moteetee

The Rhynchosia totta complex (Phaseoleae, Fabaceae) in Southern Africa, including the description of a new variety and new species

Journal Article published 20 May 2016 in Bothalia volume 46 issue 1

Authors: Annah N. Moteetee, M. Marianne Le Roux

Rhynchosia bolusii (Phaseoleae, Fabaceae), a new species from the Western Cape Province of South Africa

Journal Article published 24 Feb 2014 in Phytotaxa volume 161 issue 2 on page 169

Authors: James Stephen Boatwright, Annah Ntsamaeeng Moteetee

Taxonomic notes on the Rhynchosia densiflora group (Phaseoleae, Fabaceae) in South Africa and its segregation from Rhynchosia section Arcyphyllum

Journal Article published 19 Jun 2018 in Bothalia volume 48 issue 1

Authors: Thulisile P. Jaca, Annah N. Moteetee

Efficacy of the core DNA barcodes in identifying processed and poorly conserved plant materials commonly used in South African traditional medicine

Journal Article published 30 Dec 2013 in ZooKeys volume 365 on pages 215 to 233

Authors: Ledile Mankga, Yessoufou Kowiyou, Annah Moteetee, Barnabas Daru, Michelle van der Bank

A Review of Rhynchosia Section Polytropia (Phaseoleae, Fabaceae) and a New Species from the Western Cape Province, South Africa

Journal Article published 1 Oct 2014 in Systematic Botany volume 39 issue 4 on pages 1127 to 1131

Authors: Annah N. Moteetee, James S. Boatwright, Thulisile P. Jaca

Ethnobotanical survey of medicinal plants used in the Maseru district of Lesotho

Journal Article published Jul 2015 in Journal of Ethnopharmacology volume 170 on pages 184 to 200

Research funded by University of Johannesburg (UJ) | National University of Lesotho (NUL) | Lesotho Government (National Manpower Development Secretariat)

Authors: Lerato Seleteng Kose, Annah Moteetee, Sandy Van Vuuren

A phylogenetic study of Pimelea and Thecanthes (Thymelaeaceae): evidence from plastid and nuclear ribosomal DNA sequence data

Journal Article published 2010 in Australian Systematic Botany volume 23 issue 4 on page 270

Authors: M. Cynthia Motsi, Annah N. Moteetee, Angela J. Beaumont, Barbara L. Rye, Martyn P. Powell, Vincent Savolainen, Michelle van der Bank


Journal Article published 15 Dec 2001 in Bothalia volume 31 issue 2

Authors: A. Moteetee, B-E. Van Wyk


Journal Article published 9 Dec 2012 in Bothalia volume 42 issue 2

Authors: A. N. Moteetee, B. E. Van Wyk