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Journal Article published Jun 2017 in Retina volume 37 issue 6 on pages e75 to e76

Authors: Ashish Mitra, Alok Sen, Shrikant Prasad, Pawan Puneet Malhotra

Tectal lipoma presenting with headache: An unusual etiology!

Journal Article published 2016 in Asian Journal of Neurosurgery volume 11 issue 3 on page 304

Authors: Ashish Kumar, Brahma Prasad

Advanced Identity & Access Management Mechanisms for Cloud Computing

Conference Paper published 2017 in ICSESD-2017

Authors: Himanshu V. Taiwade, Dr. Prakash S. Prasad, Ashish S. Sambare, Ketan D. Bodhe

Cost Effective Techniques to Maximize Benefits of Entry Segment Full Hybrid Electric Vehicle without Engine Downsizing

Report published Jan 2015

Authors: Prasad B. Warule, Vaibhav V. Jadhav, Ashish Ranjan

Performance Evaluation of AODV and DSR

Conference Paper published 2010 in Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Applications — Networking

Authors: Sharda Prasad Patel, Ashish Chaurasia, Shivendu Dubey

Right or left first during bilateral thoracoscopy?

Journal Article published 13 Feb 2013 in Surgical Endoscopy volume 27 issue 8 on pages 2868 to 2876

Authors: Meera Kharbanda, Arun Prasad, Ashish Malik


Monograph published 2010 in Statistical Science and Interdisciplinary Research

Authors: Rajat K De, Deba Prasad Mandal, Ashish Ghosh

Making Huge Pages Actually Useful

Journal Article published 19 Mar 2018 in ACM SIGPLAN Notices volume 53 issue 2 on pages 679 to 692

Authors: Ashish Panwar, Aravinda Prasad, K. Gopinath

Fractals via iterated functions and multifunctions

Journal Article published Feb 2009 in Chaos, Solitons & Fractals volume 39 issue 3 on pages 1224 to 1231

Authors: S.L. Singh, Bhagwati Prasad, Ashish Kumar

Nondifferentiable Minimax Programming Problems in Complex Spaces Involving Generalized Convex Functions

Journal Article published 2013 in Journal of Optimization volume 2013 on pages 1 to 12

Research funded by University Grants Commission (41-801/2012(SR))

Authors: Anurag Jayswal, Ashish Kumar Prasad, Krishna Kummari