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First records of the occurrence of twelve species of Sabethini (Diptera, Culicidae) in the state of Paraná, southern Brazil

Journal Article published 15 Feb 2019 in Check List volume 15 issue 1 on pages 193 to 201

Authors: Allan Martins da Silva, Demilson Rodrigues dos Santos, Edilson Colhera Cristóvão, Adão Celestino Ferreira, Claudomiro Postai, Betina Westphal-Ferreira, Mário Antônio Navarro da Silva

First record of Culex (Melanoconion) spissipes (Theobald, 1903) (Diptera: Culicidae) in the Atlantic Forest of Bacia Platina, southern Brazil

Journal Article published 28 Jul 2017 in Check List volume 13 issue 4 on pages 173 to 176

Authors: Allan Martins da Silva, Claudomiro Postai, José Antônio Coeli, Betina Westphal-Ferreira, Mário Antônio Navarro da Silva

Scanning electron microscopy of the eggs of Coquillettidia shannoni (Lane & Antunes, 1937) and Phoniomyia quasilongirostris (Theobald, 1907) (Diptera: Culicidae)

Journal Article published 14 May 2018 in Journal of Vector Ecology volume 43 issue 1 on pages 193 to 197

Authors: Betina Westphal-Ferreira, Thalita Bastida Vieira, Allan Martins Da Silva, Mário Antônio Navarro-Silva

Near-infrared spectroscopy and microstructure of the scales of Sabethes (Sabethes) albiprivus (Diptera: Culicidae)

Journal Article published Jan 2017 in Revista Brasileira de Entomologia volume 61 issue 1 on pages 91 to 98

Research funded by Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico

Authors: Betina Westphal-Ferreira, Mario Antônio Navarro-Silva

Scale-Space for Union of 3D Balls

Conference Paper published Oct 2009 in 2009 XXII Brazilian Symposium on Computer Graphics and Image Processing

Authors: Alex Bordignon, Betina Vath, Thales Vieira, Marcos Craizer, Thomas Lewiner, Cynthia O.L. Ferreira

Seasonal production and spatial distribution of Melipona bicolor schencki (Apidae; Meliponini) castes in brood combs in southern Brazil

Journal Article published 18 Oct 2012 in Apidologie volume 44 issue 2 on pages 176 to 187

Authors: Ney Telles Ferreira Jr, Betina Blochtein, José Eduardo Serrão

Normative values of Unsupported Upper Limb Exercise (UULEX) test in Healthy Brazilians Adults

Conference Paper published Sep 2017 in Physiotherapists

Authors: Vanessa Lima, Fabiana Almeida, Tania Janaudis-Ferreira, Betina França, Giane Ribeiro-Samora, Marcelo Velloso

A facile and simple polyaniline-poly(ethylene oxide) based glucose biosensor

Journal Article published Dec 2016 in Synthetic Metals volume 222 on pages 224 to 231

Research funded by Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico | FINEP

Authors: Betina Hansen, Marcele A. Hocevar, Carlos A. Ferreira

Cordoma cervical: relato de caso

Conference Paper published Sep 2018 in XXXII Congresso Brasileiro de Neurocirurgia

Authors: Luiz Ribeiro, Rodrigo Zan, Elisa Rizkalla, Felipe Pinto, Werner Silva, Luciano de Oliveira, João de Medeiros Carvalho, Betina Ferreira, Jorge Rizkalla

Honey quality of Melipona sp. bees in Acre, Brazil

Journal Article published 1 Apr 2018 in Acta Agronómica volume 67 issue 2 on pages 201 to 207

Authors: Marcus Augusto Damaceno do Vale, Fábio Augusto Gomes, Josimar Batista Ferreira, Betina Raquel Cunha dos Santos