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Biodiversity of Grasslands

Book published 23 Aug 2018 in Oxford Scholarship Online

Authors: Brian J. Wilsey

Accounting for Biodiversity

Book published 26 Jun 2014


Book published 1 Jan 1988

Conservation and Biodiversity Banking

Book published 27 Apr 2012

Authors: Ricardo Bayon

Plankton Biodiversity and Biogeography

Book published 19 Oct 2017 in Oxford Scholarship Online

Authors: Gregory Beaugrand

Biodiversity and Environmental Threats

Book published 21 Dec 2017 in Oxford Scholarship Online

Authors: Christer Brönmark, Lars-Anders Hansson

Advances in Applied Biodiversity Science: Africa's Gulf of Guinea Forests: Biodiversity Patterns and Conservation Priorities

Book published 2004

Biodiversity of Lianas

Book published 2015 in Sustainable Development and Biodiversity

Editors: N. Parthasarathy

Biotechnology and Biodiversity

Book published 2014 in Sustainable Development and Biodiversity

Editors: M. R. Ahuja, K.G. Ramawat

Biodiversity and Conservation in Europe

Book published 2008 in Topics in Biodiversity and Conservation

Editors: David L. Hawksworth, Alan T. Bull

Urban Biodiversity and Design

Book published 16 Apr 2010

Editors: Norbert Müller, Peter Werner, John G. Kelcey


Book published 10 Oct 2011

Editors: Adriano Sofo

Biodiversity and Health

Book published 2018

Global Environmental Change: Biodiversity

Book published 1997

Ecosystems Biodiversity

Book published 16 Dec 2011

Editors: Oscar Grillo

Net positive impact on biodiversity

Book published 5 Feb 2016


Book published 2002

Editors: Bilge Şener

Understanding Marine Biodiversity

Book published 24 Feb 1995

Biodiversity: Resources for Environmental Literacy

Book published 2007

Biodiversity in Small Island States

Book published 1 Jan 1996