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Magnetic Resonance Cholangiopancreatography in Cystic Lesions of the Pancreas

Journal Article published Apr 2000 in Pancreas volume 20 issue 3 on pages 313 to 318

Authors: Renato Dani, Ana Maria Magalh??es Valle Cundari, C??lio Edson Diniz Nogueira, Galzuinda Maria Figueiredo Reis, Luciana Diniz Silva

Short-term effects of ACTH on protein synthesis in adrenal cortex cells of young rats

Journal Article published Nov 1975 in Cell and Tissue Research volume 163 issue 4

Authors: MariaC. Magalhes, M.M. Magalhes, A. Coimbra

Effects of ovariectomy and estradiol administration on the adrenal macrophage system of the rat

Journal Article published Nov 1984 in Cell and Tissue Research volume 238 issue 3

Authors: ManuelM. Magalhes, MariaC. Magalhes

An electron microscope autoradiographic study of DOC conversion to corticosterone in the rat adrenal cortex

Journal Article published Aug 1974 in Cell and Tissue Research volume 151 issue 1

Authors: MariaC. Magalhes, M.M. Magalhes, A. Coimbra

New morphological data on Cheilospirura hamulosa (Nematoda, Acuarioidea) by means of bright-field and scanning electron microscopy

Journal Article published 1 Feb 2004 in Parasitology Research volume 92 issue 3 on pages 225 to 231

Authors: Delir Corr�a Gomes, Rodrigo Caldas Menezes, Joaquim J�lio Vicente, Reinalda Marisa Lanfredi, Roberto Magalhes Pinto

Silicon in the turgidity maintenance of American lettuce

Journal Article published 17 Dec 2015 in African Journal of Agricultural Research volume 10 issue 51 on pages 4699 to 4705

Authors: Mattiuz Ben Hur, Bernardes Cec iacute lio Filho Arthur, Carolina Corr ecirc a Muniz Ana, Maria Ascari Morgado Cristiane, Magalh atilde es Marques Kelly, Cury Galati Vanessa

Cat retinal ganglion cells projecting to the superior colliculus as shown by the horseradish peroxidase method

Journal Article published Jul 1976 in Experimental Brain Research volume 25 issue 5

Authors: H.H. Magalhes-Castro, L.A. Murata, B. Magalhes-Castro

Ultrastructural changes in rat adrenal cortical cells after chronic stimulation with ?1?24-corticotropin

Journal Article published Dec 1979 in Cell and Tissue Research volume 204 issue 2

Authors: MariaC. Magalhes, C. Resende, C. Hip�lito-Reis, M.M. Magalhes, A. Coimbra

Skull osteosarcoma: illustrated review

Journal Article published 3 Sep 2004 in Acta Neurochirurgica volume 146 issue 11 on pages 1235 to 1239

Authors: L. Mascarenhas, A. Peteiro, C. A. Ribeiro, Z. Magalhes, H. Rom�o, F. Magalhes, A. M. Reis, J. Resende Pereira, M. Honavar, M. Resende, A. Rocha Vaz

Nucleolar alterations induced by 4-aminopyrazolo(3,4-d)pyrimidine in adrenal cortex and liver cells of rat

Journal Article published Apr 1987 in Cell and Tissue Research volume 248 issue 1 on pages 231 to 234

Authors: Henrique Almeida, Manuel Magalhes, Maria C. Magalhes