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Invaded habitats. Chapter 4

Journal Article published 6 Jul 2010 in BioRisk volume 4 on pages 46 to 50

Authors: Carlos Lopez-Vaamonde, Milka Glavendekić, Maria Rosa Paiva

Biodiversity, Evolution and Ecological Specialization of Baculoviruses: A Treasure Trove for Future Applied Research

Posted Content published 5 Jun 2018

Authors: Julien Thézé, Carlos Lopez-Vaamonde, Jennifer S. Cory, Elisabeth A. Herniou

Antibiotic-Induced Nephrotoxicity

Chapter published 1984 in Nephrology on pages 844 to 868

Authors: Carlos A. Vaamonde

Newer Nephrotoxic Agents

Chapter published 1981 in Pediatric Nephrology on pages 171 to 194

Authors: Carlos A. Vaamonde

Chapter 10: Sodium Depletion

Chapter published in Sodium: Its Biologic Significance on pages 207 to 234

Authors: Carlos A. Vaamonde

Nitric Oxide and the Respiratory Chain in Synovial Cells and Chondrocytes

Chapter published 24 Dec 2012 in Studies on Arthritis and Joint Disorders on pages 49 to 66

Authors: María J. López-Armada, Marta N. Valcárcel-Ares, Romina R. Riveiro-Naveira, Carlos Vaamonde-García

Revision of the genus Philonome Chambers and its proposed reassignment to the family Tineidae (Lepidoptera, Tineoidea)

Journal Article published 6 Apr 2015 in ZooKeys volume 494 on pages 69 to 106

Authors: Donald Davis, Jae-Cheon Sohn, Carlos Lopez-Vaamonde

Fig biology: turning over new leaves

Journal Article published Jan 2001 in Trends in Ecology & Evolution volume 16 issue 1 on pages 11 to 13

Authors: James M Cook, Carlos Lopez-Vaamonde


Journal Article published 6 Jul 2010 in BIORISK – Biodiversity and Ecosystem Risk Assessment volume 4 issue 0

Authors: Carlos Lopez-Vaamonde, Milka Glavendekić, Maria Rosa Santos De Paiva

No evidence that reproductive bumblebee workers reduce the production of new queens

Journal Article published Sep 2003 in Animal Behaviour volume 66 issue 3 on pages 577 to 584

Authors: Carlos Lopez-Vaamonde, J.Will Koning, William C. Jordan, Andrew F.G. Bourke