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Chapter published 1 Dec 2015 in Structure and Evolution of Invertebrate Nervous Systems on pages 341 to 350

Authors: Carsten Lüter

Journal Article published Mar 2008 in Zoologischer Anzeiger - A Journal of Comparative Zoology volume 247 issue 1 on pages 1 to 2

Authors: Carsten Lüter

Overcoming the fragility – X-ray computed micro-tomography elucidates brachiopod endoskeletons

Journal Article published 27 Sep 2014 in Frontiers in Zoology volume 11 issue 1

Authors: Ronald Seidel, Carsten Lüter

The origin of the coelom in Brachiopoda and its phylogenetic significance

Journal Article published 20 Jun 2000 in Zoomorphology volume 120 issue 1 on pages 15 to 28

Authors: Carsten Lüter


Journal Article published Mar 2011 in Zoologischer Anzeiger - A Journal of Comparative Zoology volume 250 issue 1 on page 1

Authors: Carsten Lüter


Conference Paper published 2018

Authors: Bernd R. Schoene, University of Mainz, Eric Otto Walliser, Carsten Lüter

Luter, Claude

Entry published 2003 in Oxford Music Online

Authors: Michel Laplace

Note: Embryonic and larval development ofCalloria inconspicua(Brachiopoda, Terebratellidae)

Journal Article published Mar 1998 in Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand volume 28 issue 1 on pages 165 to 167

Authors: Carsten Lüter

The Nature of Siliceous Mosaics Forming the First Shell of the Brachiopod Discinisca

Journal Article published Apr 2001 in Journal of Structural Biology volume 134 issue 1 on pages 25 to 34

Authors: Alwyn Williams, Carsten Lüter, Maggie Cusack

The first recent species of the unusual brachiopodKakanuiella(Thecideidae) from New Zealand deep waters

Journal Article published Apr 2005 in Systematics and Biodiversity volume 3 issue 1 on pages 105 to 111

Authors: Carsten Luter

Mass occurrence of the recent brachiopodMagellania venosa(Terebratellidae) in the fjords Comau and Reñihué, northern Patagonia, Chile

Journal Article published Sep 2008 in Marine Ecology volume 29 issue 3 on pages 342 to 347

Authors: Günter Försterra, Vreni Häussermann, Carsten Lüter

Types of recent Brachiopoda in the Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin - catalogue and taxonomic notes

Journal Article published Sep 2005 in Mitteilungen aus dem Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin - Zoologische Reihe volume 81 issue 2 on pages 177 to 191

Authors: Carsten Lüter, Katrin Sieben

Part H, Brachiopoda (Revised), vol. 6, ch. 1, p. 2321–2395

Chapter published 2007 in Digital Treatise (DIGTREATISE) on pages 2321 to 2395

Authors: Carsten Lüter, Maggie Cusack, B. L. Cohen, Alwyn Williams

Detecting hybridization between sister species of Terebratulina (Brachiopoda, Cancellothyridoidea) in the North Atlantic: morphology versus molecules

Journal Article published 18 Aug 2017 in Scientific Reports volume 7 issue 1

Authors: Carsten Lüter, Nina A. Ebeling, Martin Aberhan

Larval brooding and development of the micromorph rhynchonellid Tethyrhynchia mediterranea (Brachiopoda: Recent)

Journal Article published Dec 2001 in Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the UK volume 81 issue 06 on pages 939 to 942

Authors: Carsten Lüter

The brachiopod fold: a neglected body plan hypothesis

Journal Article published Jan 2003 in Palaeontology volume 46 issue 1 on pages 59 to 65

Authors: Bernard L. Cohen, Lars E. Holmer, Carsten Luter

The phylogenetic position of Brachiopoda-a comparison of morphological and molecular data

Journal Article published Jul 1997 in Zoologica Scripta volume 26 issue 3 on pages 245 to 253


Freshwater shrimp–sponge association from an ancient lake

Journal Article published 8 Mar 2007 in Biology Letters volume 3 issue 3 on pages 262 to 264

Authors: Kristina von Rintelen, Thomas von Rintelen, Martin Meixner, Carsten Lüter, Yixiong Cai, Matthias Glaubrecht

Craniid brachiopods: aspects of clade structure and distribution reflect continental drift (Brachiopoda: Craniiformea)

Journal Article published 26 Feb 2014 in Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society volume 171 issue 1 on pages 133 to 150

Authors: Bernard L. Cohen, Anne Kaulfuss, Carsten Lüter

Linking micromorphism, brooding, and hermaphroditism in brachiopods: Insights from CaribbeanArgyrotheca(Brachiopoda)

Journal Article published 8 Feb 2013 in Journal of Morphology volume 274 issue 4 on pages 361 to 376

Authors: Anne Kaulfuss, Ronald Seidel, Carsten Lüter