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Jon Glasby: reply to editorial Guus Schrijvers December 2007

Journal Article published 31 Dec 2007 in International Journal of Integrated Care volume 7 issue 4

Authors: Jon Glasby

Governance and Partnerships

Journal Article published Aug 2004 in Journal of Integrated Care volume 12 issue 4 on pages 3 to 8

Authors: Edward Peck, Perri Six, Jon Glasby, Chris Skelcher

Description and phylogeny of Namalycastis jaya sp. n. (Polychaeta, Nereididae, Namanereidinae) from the southwest coast of India

Journal Article published 5 Nov 2012 in ZooKeys volume 238 on pages 31 to 43

Authors: Mathan Magesh, Sebastian Kvist, Chris Glasby

NHS independence: can things only get better?

Journal Article published May 2007 in British Journal of Healthcare Management volume 13 issue 5 on pages 164 to 165

Authors: Helen Dickinson, Jon Glasby, Edward Peck, Chris Ham

Port surveys for introduced marine species––and the fate of the material collected

Journal Article published Jun 2004 in Marine Pollution Bulletin volume 48 issue 11-12 on pages 1009 to 1011

Authors: Pat Hutchings, Chris Glasby

A new substance to relax polychaete worms (Annelida) prior to morphological study

Journal Article published 30 May 2016 in ZooKeys volume 594 on pages 1 to 9

Authors: Hassan Rahimian, Alieh Bonyadi Naeini, Chris Glasby

Kimberley marine biota. Historical data: polychaetes (Annelida)

Journal Article published 2014 in Records of the Western Australian Museum, Supplement volume 84 issue 1 on page 133

Authors: Pat Hutchings, Chris Glasby, Maria Capa, Alison Sampey

Boundaries of the Universe

Book published 17 Jun 2013

Authors: John S Glasby

Debates in personalisation

Monograph published 15 Oct 2014

Editors: Catherine Needham, Jon Glasby

Two types of uncini inPolycirrus(Polychaeta: Terebellidae: Polycirrinae) revealed using geometric morphometrics

Journal Article published 31 May 2006 in Journal of Natural History volume 40 issue 5-6 on pages 237 to 253

Authors: Christopher J. Glasby, Timothy M. Glasby